Xbox One Game Console Features

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Finally, after a lot of assumptions and waiting, Microsoft announced its next generation console, the Xbox One on Tuesday, 21st May 2013. According to Don Mattrick, the president of Interactive Entertainment Business for Microsoft, the device is designed and built “as an all-in-one system to associate games, TV and entertainment”. He characterized the mission for the device as simple, instant and complete. Xbox One will aid all the new dashboards which permits users to multitask being in different windows and the device supports simultaneous gaming, movie streaming and TV.


Release Date and Price

Xbox 360, the predecessor of Xbox One was launched about eight years ago and was a milestone for the company selling beyond 70 million units. By this time, the Xbox 360 had received many updates, which made it the best gaming console. Now the Xbox 360 has welcomed its successor, the Xbox One that can be called as an all in one suit.

Xbox will be released in November this year with a price tag of $499. But Xbox One won’t be alone in the race. There are other sprinters like the Sony PS4 and the Nintendo Wii U. The competition between PS4 and Xbox One will be a tough one since almost all the features are same and of course the rest depends on the users.

Xbox One Features

Xbox One comes with an 8-core x86 CPU having 8GB RAM and AMD powered GPU. The device has a storage capacity of 500GB and has a Blu-ray optical drive. It has both in and out HDMI along with USB 3.0 connectivity. But it has confirmed that the device lacks backward compatibility. The architecture of the device is what makes it outstanding; Marc Whitten said that it feels like they have merged three operating systems to one, to serve an exciting transition between applications, live entertainment and games. Hence the device possesses a fast switching between the windows.

The all new Kinect is what takes the full advantages of the device; it’s more precise, responsive and intuitive. The all new real vision, voice and motion let you enjoy the Xbox like never before. You get automatically signed in when you enter the room and can move on with a game or with your TV shows, just with subtle gestures.

Snap Mode function brings the Windows 8 experience to the Xbox which will let you run tasks simultaneously. That means with Xbox One, you can watch a movie and can also browse the web, at a time. This feature is also utilizable with the newly introduced, Skype in Xbox.

The Xbox One has the best gaming controller with over 40 technology innovations that gives you an unparalleled precision along with comfort. With the streamlined thumb sticks, D-pad and contours, Microsoft was successful in delivering an improved precision and comfort.

Xbox One can be integrated with your TV and cable which include the real voice feature that will let you find your favorite channels and shows via voice. During the unveiling, many advanced games were previewed including the new EA Sports titles. Andrew Wilson, executive if EA said that with the Xbox One these games will blur the line between reality and games in sports. Moreover Microsoft confirmed that around 15 Xbox One exclusive games will be launched within a year of the launch and among them 8 are from new franchises.

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