WhatSim for WhatsApp: Access WhatsApp without Internet

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You might be wondering that, can we really use WhatsApp without internet. Yes! You can access WhatsApp without internet by using WhatSim. This is a new SIM Card introduced by Zeromobile’s CEO: Manuel Zanella, through which you can also use WhatsApp while roaming, for free.


WhatSim allows you to connect with your contacts only through WhatsApp. The user of this SIM Card can connect with more than 400 operators in around 150 countries (claimed by the company).

You can buy this WhatSim card at an approximate price of Rs.714 (that is 10 euro). After buying this SIM Card, you will get free access to WhatsApp for 1 year. Yes! This is beneficial as it reduces your internet bills.

The main thing to be noted is that, WhatSim allows you to send only free messages after buying it. You need to earn credits in order to send or download any kind of multimedia file (photo, video or voice message). Earning and usage of these credits depends on your area or geographical location (country).

Here, credits refer to the balance in your WhatSim. It is just like a normal SIM Card that you use. In order to increase the credits or balance, you need to recharge it. You will get 1000 credits, for every approximate recharge of Rs.307 (that is 5 euro).

As mentioned above that the usage of these credits depends on your geographical location. So, in India you need to spend 150 credits to share a photo, 30 credits for a voice message and 600 credits for sharing a video.

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WhatSim is a progressive step towards modern technology and a good initiative for cutting down our internet bills, but it may not help the people (especially in India) to a greater extent. As sharing multimedia are one of the highly committed thing by the WhatsApp users. People may prefer using the internet and also hesitate to buy WhatSim, as it requires credits for sharing multimedia files.

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