Leave Your Stress behind Using Wearable Bracelet: WellBe

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WellBe is a wearable bracelet that finds out our stress triggers and helps us in releasing stress immediately by providing personalized meditation and well-being exercises. This wearable gadget is made up of cork, which makes it soft to wear, durable, lightweight and eco-friendly.


This smart wearable bracelet monitors our heart beat and determines the stress levels using an algorithm, which is based on our location, time and the people we meet throughout our day. After determining the stress levels, it transfers the details to our smartphones through an app. This app helps us in retaining our calm state by providing various stress reducing tasks. These programs include – focused breathing, meditations, guided imagination and personalized programs & playlists.

Advantages of having a WellBe Bracelet

  • Less stress
  • Better health
  • Slower aging
  • Relaxed mind
  • Eco-friendly gadget

This stylish bracelet is available at a rate of $99 and has reached its goal of $100,000 at Indiegog. WellBe smart bracelet is slated for delivery by December 2015.


Hope that this smart wearable helps every person in releasing their stress and attain calmness. As stress free and a happy life is the only thing that we opt for.

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