New Virtual Reality Technology Device: Samsung Gear VR

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The virtual reality technology has moved forward by the invention of Samsung Gear VR. This virtual reality device is developed by Oculus VR and Samsung electronics together.


To use this virtual reality device, you need to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Yes! To operate or enjoy the features offered by Gear VR, you need to make use of Galaxy Note 4 also. Now, you might be wondering that, why do you need a Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

So, the reason is that Gear VR works only with the help of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (as of now). You need to connect Galaxy Note 4 into your Samsung Gear VR using a MicroUSB. After connecting, a black semi-translucent cover will snap in the front, making it ready to use.

Gear VR has inbuilt sensors to track your movement. These sensors are so responsive that you will get completely connected with the work you do, using this virtual device, like – playing a game or watching a movie.


Samsung Gear VR Features

  • Fascinating Viewing Experience: This allows the user to feel and enjoy virtual reality beyond their peripheral vision through its mega sized screen.
  • Step into Virtual Reality: A life lasting experience of watching a movie or playing a game (as you were at the cinema).

Samsung Gear VR Specifications

  • Sensors – Accelerator, Proximity, Gyrometer and Geomagnetic
  • Optical lens – 96 degree Field of view
  • Motion to Photon Latency – less than 20ms
  • Physical User Interface – Touch Pad, Volume Key and Back Button
  • Focal Adjustment – Covers Nearsighted and Farsighted eyes
  • Connection – MicroUSB (to Galaxy Note 4)
  • Interpupillary User Interface – 55~71 mm
  • Dimensions – 198(W) x 116(L) x 90(H) mm

Samsung Gear VR Price

This device is priced at a reasonable tag of £199. The overall price of this virtual device reaches £600, as you need to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also.

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Samsung Gear VR is a step forward towards virtual reality technology and may be proved as a useful virtual reality device in gaming, entertainment and educational fields. What do you think? Is this virtual reality device really helpful? Let us know your views below in comments.

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