Vertu Phones – Makes You Feel Richer!

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Phones have now become an essential requirement of our everyday lives. When mobile phones were first invented it cost much and only few could afford it. But eventually, with time it seemed that every hand is having mobile phones. Now stepping a bit more ahead finally came something in the world of phones that changed lives of people. Mobile phones were replaced by smart phones, which highly influenced lakhs of hearts. The smart-phone is almost like a mini computer within your palm, which is a gateway to anything that you need.

Now coming to a luxury lifestyle, if you think that it only means owning a luxurious house, car, accessories, etc. then probably you are mistaken, because there’s another addition to this category. You will be amazed to know there are few highly expensive smart-phones that count in the category of a luxury lifestyle.

The Vertu is a familiar British brand that produces luxurious and exclusive mobile phones. Vertu is also known to be the retailer of luxury goods. Vertu mobile phones are specially handmade that was established by Nokia, a Finnish mobile manufacturer company in 1998. Later in October 2012, Vertu was sold to “EQT VI” by Nokia, which is a private equity group, for an undefined price, keeping only 10 percent share. Now let’s talk about the magnificent range of Vertu cell phones.

Taste Luxury with Vertu Mobile Phones:

Here are the exclusive series of Vertu phones. They come studded with precious metals and stones, which may cost you the moon, the sun, and the earth.

Vertu Signature

The signature collections of Vertu mobile phones are simply lasting and very distinctive. Here are the series of signature collections by Vertu. Signature highly focuses on reproducing extreme quality sound, voice calls and high clarity in sound during receiving or making calls, to simply deliver you superb unmatched acoustics. The side-mounted speakers that are enhanced with stereo augmented software, ensures accurate and crystal clear sound. Here are all the signature collections of Vertu cell phones each designed with delicacy to make it extraordinary.

  • Navy Alligator
  • Stainless Steel Black Alligator
  • Red Calf
  • Signature for Bentley
  • Ultimate black
  • Red Gold Ultimate Black
  • White Mother of Pearl
  • Pure Black
  • Black and White
  • Stainless Steel Black Leather
  • Clous De Paris Stainless Steel
  • Clous De Paris Pure Black
  • Zirconium Alligator
  • Pure Chocolate Stainless Steel

All the Signature Vertu cell phones give high performance having unique blends of quality materials. The signature collection comes with a one-year subscription to “Vertu-Concierge”. You can also personalize your Signature handsets by an exclusive service from Vertu, which will be a statement of your personality.

Vertu Signature Touch

The Signature Touch series of Vertu smart phones was released in 2015. They all come in 5.20-inch touch screen with eye-catching colour and designs. These series of Vertu smart phones are single GSM sim smart-phone with a 21-mp primary camera and 2.1 megapixel secondary cameras.

Vertu for Bentley

Vertu for Bentley is a special edition from the Signature, inspired by the speed of Bentley. The signature for Bentley has Bentley inspired carbon fibre pillow, knurled stainless steel finish body and Bentley leather with fluted stitching. It has “hidden-until-lit” characters and Flying B logo of Bentley on its sapphire face. This is also a key to software power-up graphics, and along with it featuring exclusive Bentley wallpapers with various Bentley images.

Every part of this special edition of Signature is hand-made in England having exclusive type designs that are seen in expensive watches. The leathers are hand selected which are of the finest quality to ensure hand finished grain and perfect grip with structural feel. This category of Vertu cell phones has crystal clear sound clarity that doesn’t let you miss anything. The Ringtones and alert tones of Signature for Bentley are exclusive, made by the world’s famous tones of London Symphony Orchestra.

Vertu Constellation

The Constellation, luxury performance Vertu Smart phones are simply eye-catching. Merging together the finest materials and streamlined aesthetics, Vertu created a new collection of constellation with powerful performance. The technology delivers these Vertu smartphones with dual sim global connectivity possessing a 5.5-inch screen. For biometric security, this phone has fingerprint sensor facility.

Each Constellation Vertu smart phone is handmade in England that has uncompromising high standards with sapphire polished screen. That’s not the end; it comes with a ruby key that is the key to universal possibilities. Its security features and a list of other experiences will give you complete peace of mind. Vertu smart phones make sure its users have the highest quality phone on their hand before leaving the factory.

Vertu Aster

The Aster collections of Vertu cell phones are visually gripping and unique with a pensive selection of elegant colours, exotic skins and leather texture. Each Aster collection has diligent craftsmanship to give the perfect touch of perfection. Aster handsets of Vertu mobiles come with sound bars with concentric “race-track”, having intricate hand-polished turned screws and ruby key, designed by experts. Aster handsets are made up of superior quality materials that stand out of the lot. Exotic skins and exquisite leathers are selected carefully and handcrafted with utmost perfection, tasted with 11 different chemicals to ensure long lasting beauty.

The side rails, sound bar, pillow and back cover of Aster’s are made with hard titanium, which is twice the strong than stainless steel and also has the minimum weight. Aster’s lens and screen covers are made from solid sapphire crystals, which are the second-hardest natural materials after diamonds. This makes it scratch resistant. To give a stunning look with tough stability, the lower sound bar of Aster has been crafted with laser blasted, hardened PVD black titanium metal. The striking beauty of Aster Vertu mobiles is simply the show-stealer.

Previous Collections by Vertu

Here are the earlier collections of Vertu mobiles.

  • Signature Touch 2014
  • Constellation V Design
  • Vertu TI
  • Constellation Quest & Ayxta
  • Constellation C Design
  • Ascent 2010 X Design, TI Design & B Design
  • Signature M Design

All these exclusive high-end Vertu cell phones will surely give you the feel of a rich man. They are not only a treat to the eyes, but also to the heart. So, explore the extraordinary world of Vertu mobile phones.

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