Few Useful Eco Friendly Gadgets

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What is the need of eco-friendly gadgets? Do we really need them? According to us Yes! And many of you may also agree that eco-friendly gadgets are really useful. Eco-friendly gadgets are the ones, which do not harm the environment to the level that other regular gadgets do. In order to save the surroundings and to minimize the harmful effects caused by the gadgets, people have started building their innovations based on eco-friendly technology.

useful-eco-friendly-gadgetsHere eco-friendly technology refers to the technology that does not lead to any kind of harmful effects to the environment.

We have come up with a few eco-friendly gadgets, which are really beneficial in protecting the ecosystem. You can choose any of these best eco-friendly gadgets to contribute towards safer ecosystem.

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WakaWaka Portable Solar Charger


This portable solar charger comes in the size of a regular smartphone with built-in lamp. This lamp glows for 20 hours if the charger is fully charged. This charger is really a useful eco-friendly gadget for travellers, as it has the capability of charging any device on the go.



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We all know that water purifiers are impossible to carry, these include few eco-friendly ones also. But, it is really good to notice that technology has moved this forward that they have developed such a gadget which allows you to drink purified water on the go. Yes!LifeStraw is pipe like eco-friendly gadgetthat lets you drink water after purifying it. This gadget add to the list of portable eco-friendly gadgets also.

Dynamo Charger – Siva Cycle Atom


This a typical dynamo charger embedded in the cycle, allowing you to recharge your smartphone or any other smart device. It not only generates power with less efforts and energy, but also motivates people to get back to cycling.

LED Monitors



LED Monitors are slim and light weighted. These monitors provide user satisfaction by consuming less electricity, making it eco-friendly.



iBamboo is just like a portable speaker, which amplifies the iPhone’s mono speaker. This eco-friendly gadget is for iPhone 4 through iPhone 5S for. You just need to rest your iPhone in the slot provided, after turning on the speaker. It does not require any kind of electricity or external source of energy to amplify the sound. This special feature makes it one of the best eco-friendly gadgets.

iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard


This is another eco-friendly gadget prepared by using bamboo. It is similar to that of Apple’s keyboard in terms of look. As the name indicates, this keyboard works on Bluetooth technology and consists of a USB rechargeable battery.



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This is another eco-friendly gadget that amplifies sound. It is a bit odd in terms of look, but certainly amplifies the sound with clarity. This gadget is made mainly for the iPod’s and iPhone’s, but works efficiently with other products also.



USBCell is a rechargeable battery that can be charged by just plugging it into the USB port of your computer or any other device. It’s an eco-friendly gadget, as it a solution for disposable alkaline batteries.

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These are few gadgets from the long list of eco-friendly gadgets. There are many more useful eco-friendly gadgets, which are really helpful in our day to day life. We would appreciate your contribution towards this list of eco-friendly gadgets, below in comments.


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