How to Unroot Android Devices with Ease

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Unrooting Android Phones is not as complicated as rooting it. Many people try to root their Android Smartphones, but get frustrated when they don’t receive any updates. Rooting may also influence the warranty of the Smartphone, most probably warranty may be lost completely. So, we need to be careful while rooting the Android Smartphone.

Unroot-Android-Phone-With Ease

The reverse of rooting is termed as unrooting. In this process, we unroot Smartphone and return it to stock. Doing this will lead our Smartphones warranty back, which will become empty when we root Android Smartphone back.

Why do people root their Android Smartphones? Because rooting allows us to customize our Smartphones easily.

Keeping all the negative effects of unrooting and rooting in mind, we have come up with the safest way to unroot Android Smartphones.

Safest Way to Unroot Android Smartphones

This safe procedure includes the following steps:

  • Open Google Play Store in your Android phone
  • Look for OTA RootKeeper app
  • Install this app, after finding it in Play Store
  • Open it, after installing
  • Select ‘Temp un-root’ button, this will keep the backup and temporarily unroot the Android Smartphone.
  • Click on Delete su backup to completely unroot the Android Smartphone and to revert it back to its original state.

This is it! Your Android Smartphone is unrooted completely.


So, this the simplest way to unroot Android Smartphones. Hope that this method will easily and safely unroot your Android Phone. In case of any queries you can revert back to this article and we would love to resolve your problems. Apart from this, you can share this technique to unroot Android Smartphone with your friends and circles, if you find the information to be helpful.

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