Transfer or Share Files between Mobile Phones and Computers Using Apps

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In today’s world most of our documents, pictures and files are spread across multiple devices. We store our files at our convenience on the device we have at bay. But what if we need to transfer files between two devices? What if we want to store the files on multiple devices in the form of a backup? The scenario may be so that the various devices we store have different OS too. On one hand, there is no standard procedure for transferring these files, but there are methods by which the transfer can be made without having to email to self.


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The Most Obvious Way of Sharing Files

The most common way of sharing the files between various devices is to send an email to self containing the file as an attachment. In this way you can download the file on your preferred device from the attachment of your email. You can also upload the file on your Google Drive or Dropbox and you can access them at your convenience.

Apps used for File Sharing

Apart from the email option there are various apps which help in sharing files between devices. The following apps may be handy on the job:

Google keep, Scribe or BeamApp

google-keep-file-sharing-appscribe      beamapp-for-file-sharing

While the first app is preferable for the Android users, the latter two apps are for the iOS users. All you need to do is copy the URL or text portion or clipboard contents on these apps and they become available on your preferred device automatically.



When you are only using an Android platform and you don’t have anything to do with the iOS, AirDroid is the only sharing app you need. All you need to do is to install the app on your mobile and launch the same on your desktop, scan the QR code and your devices are connected and ready to use.



Launched by Lenovo, ShareIt doesn’t require Wi-Fi or data cable or Bluetooth to share between Android, iOS and Windows. Once launched, the app creates a Wi-Fi between the two devices and shares the files with the help of it.



JustBeamIt is an Android app which shares files between mobile and computer with the help of P2P connection. When a file is opened in the app, it generates an URL. When this URL is opened on the desktop, the file gets transferred automatically.



SuperBeam helps in the transfer of files between two Android devices. The pro version allows sharing between iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. Launch the apps in the respective devices, scan the QR code and you’re ready to share files.

AirDrop and InstaShare


While AirDrop allows sharing of files among two Mac Books or two phones or iPads, InstaShare allows sharing files between Mac and iOS devices.



AnySend helps in transferring files and folders over Wi-Fi in between Windows and Mac.

BitTorrent Sync


Syncing files between Windows, Mac, phone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android devices has never been easier. BitTorrent Sync helps to transfer files between all these devices. You just need to load the files from one device onto the app and it appears on all the others.

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Hopefully these apps will help you to share files between the various devices you own. For further questions and suggestions please comment and let us know.

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