Top Pregnancy Gadgets for Expecting Moms

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Although the term pregnancy and gadgets do not go hand in hand, but this doesn’t mean that expecting moms can’t or shouldn’t be tech savvy. In today’s modern world, loads of gadgets are available which will help the expecting moms keep their soon to be born babies entertained and ensure their healthy being.

Bellybuds Pregnancy Bellyphones

Bellybuds-Pregnancy-BellyphonesThe fact that music enhances the baby’s growth is fully utilized by this pregnancy gadget. It uses super cute gadgets which are capable of delivering music to your baby or to both you and your baby.



BabyDaze is a pretty cool organizer that allows the expecting moms to keep track of all the necessary information or questions that may pop into their heads at any time of the day so that they can clarify it later with the right people.



One of the best ways to ensure your baby’s good health is to monitor their movement within your womb. KickTrak helps you to count and keep a log of all the movement related issues with the help of the kicks they produce.

Elle Tens Machine


One of the most painful experiences during pregnancies is the labor pains. Elle Tens Machine provides small electrical pulses via the electrodes attached to the machine to your back in order to diminish the pain by soothing the muscles and nerves in various regions.

GE Vscan Ultrasound Scanner


This is one of the coolest pregnancy gadgets which are brought to you by General Electronics. Merely as big as a smart phone, the device Vscan comprises of a screen which shows the ultrasound image of the baby and a bottom part which controls the various image qualities. What makes this pregnancy gadget popular is the fact that it is affordable as well as portable.

Digi Time Capsule


Most expecting moms want to keep a track of their baby’s growth and development; however, they fail to do so due to the other works which they have to do during pregnancy. Digi Time Capsule allows you to keep an online track of all the developments of your baby via a USB/Pendant like gadget. You can keep journals as well as pictures and videos of your baby.

Beforme MP3 Stethoscope


Beforme MP3 Stethoscope helps the expecting moms to listen to the heart beats of their soon to be born child with the help of a stethoscope and a womb shaped device which shows the baby’s heart beat as a graph and replays the heartbeat too.

Bio Bands


One of the most irritating facts about pregnancy is the loss of appetite and morning sickness during the early pregnancy days. Bio Bands are a chemical free wrist bands which utilizes acupuncture to relieve these symptoms and provide peace to the would-be moms.

We hope that the list of pregnancy gadgets provided in the article will help all the expecting moms keep good track of their pregnancies as well to have a constant watch on the well being of their babies. We wish you all the best and congratulations!

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