thingCHARGER Review: Specs, Price and its IndieGogo Crowdfunding

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Review of: thingCHARGER
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On December 26, 2015
Last modified:May 27, 2016


thingCHARGER is a wireless charging device that allows you to charge your device, without using its messy old charger.

thingCHARGER is a wireless charging device that allows you to charge your device, without using its messy old charger. Isn’t it cool? You just need to plug in your devices in their respective charging pins provided by thingCHARGER. The manufacturers of thingCHARGER claim that the users of this wireless charging product will be able to charge any of their devices, let it be Sony or Apple or Samsung or any other smart product.

Charging Pins by thingCHARGER


  • For Apple devices, you can use the Lightning tip provided by thingCHARGER.
  • For Android, Blackberry, Microsoft and any other non-Apple device, you can use the Micro-USB tip.
  • USB-C is the latest pin provided by thingCHARGER for upcoming major brands.

Usability and flexibility of these charging pins by thingCHARGER is great. You can easily adjust these pins to fit your devices’ charging slot. For example, if your device is contained in a case; you will need a pin that is quite long enough to penetrate through the case and then into your device. Keeping all these common charging issues in mind, thingCHARGER has come up with a precision system that allows you to adjust the tip (charging pin) within seconds to fit your device.

thingCHARGER Silent Specs or Features

Features offered by thingCHARGER are worth knowing. These great and simple features include:

  • The charging tips neatly get stored in the back of this wireless charger.
  • The pins provided by thingCHARGER fit every device sold out at market today.
  • In addition to the regular pins, thingCHAREGER also contains a 30-pin, which can be used for old Apple gears.
  • In order to adjust the tips, you need to press the ‘smiley’ button provided.


You will be shocked to know that this wireless charging device thingCHARGER, provides its users with two USB outlets at the bottom. Yeah! Life’s great without those messy wires, but sometimes you’ll have to plug in.

Another great feature of this awesome wireless charging device is that it allows you to charge 2 to 3 devices at a time. This feature of thingCHARGER is really helpful. So, you can convert thingCHARGER into a charging station, as the outlets on the front are exactly the same to the prongs on the back.

thingchargerAdvantages and Price of a thingCHARGER

This great wireless charging device, thingCHARGER is priced $29. Many other offers are provided by the manufacturers for making a purchase with increased quantity. For every detail of thingCHARGER, you can click here. Coming to additional advantages of thingCHARGER:

  • It gets plugged in normally without using much power.
  • Other electric appliances can be used through the slots provided.
  • Many numbers of charging outlets.
  • Charging tips get neatly stored at the back, which reduces the possibility of losing them.
  • Easy to use and simple in looks.
  • No messy things involved.


As per the Indiegogo fund raiser, this new wireless charging device – thingCHARGER has so far raised an amount of about $940,000, which shows its demand and popularity. Currently thingCHARGER is available in a limited number of countries. Hopefully, it gets available around the world, as according to us, thingCHARGER is such a device that can be of great use in various aspects and also can be proved to a sensible gift idea for others.

2 thoughts on “thingCHARGER Review: Specs, Price and its IndieGogo Crowdfunding

  • February 1, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    Looks interesting, I have seen plenty of projects (related to gadgets) on crowd-funding websites, they look creative and has great potential, hope one day they reach to people.

    BTW, people should definitely brainstorm and bring technology related to ‘battery’ man, it’s so hectic these days.


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