T-Rex Dinosaur – Hidden Game inside Google Chrome

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Being a Google Chrome user, you might be familiar with the dinosaur – The T-Rex Dinosaur. Yes! This T-Rex dinosaur appears whenever your computer is dis-connected or not connected to the internet.

Now, the interesting thing to observe here is that, this offline dinosaur represents a game that is hidden inside your Google Chrome. Confused right?


Let me clearly guide you towards this hidden game inside your Google Chrome browser.

In order to play or activate this hidden game, you need to press the ‘Space’ button on your keyboard. The network error page will now completely get converted into a game, which is quite addictive. This hidden game is all about preventing the T-Rex dinosaur from getting bumped into the saguaros (plant like thing). A demo of this hidden game is provided below:

Image Source: Labnol.org

Android users can also play this game on their Smartphones.

To play this hidden game the Android Smartphone users need to switch to airplane mode.

Being an Android phone user, you can enjoy this hidden game inside Google Chrome by touching the screen; instead of pressing the space button – as in the case of computers.

So, this hidden game inside Google Chrome is an entertaining way to pass our time in case of a disconnected or troubleshooting internet connection.

Share this interesting and entertaining game hidden in the Google Chrome browser with your friends. Let them also pass their time playing this hidden game.

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