Creative Sound BlasterX Katana: Review, Specs, Price and Release Date

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This seems to be a good year for all the gamers out there. Creative has currently announced the Sound BlasterX Katana which is supposed to be a state of the art under monitor music system for people playing with wide or multi-screen monitors. Here is all the information that you need to have about it.

Sound BlasterX Katana is one of the firsts that comes with the multi core audio DSP, which is the most powerful system offered by Creative. It provides the users with an impressive sound quality, which is crystal clear and room filling at the same time. Sound BlasterX Katana is a triple amplifying system which comes with a long throw subwoofer and a pair of up firing midbass river and high excursion tweeters each. Sound BlasterX Katana has a sleek design with brushed aluminum finish and is styled with Aurora Reactive lighting which displays 16.8 million colors.

So, why should you be excited about Creative Sound BlasterX Katana?

Sound BlasterX Katana Specifications:

  • Sound BlasterX Katana comes with a powerful output of 150 W at peak level and 75 W RMS.
  • Sound BlasterX Katana provides users with 24-bit high – resolution audio.
  • Sound BlasterX Katana can be used as advanced sound card Sound Blaster.
  • You can use it to automatically restore the dynamics of the audio tracks by analyzing the area.
  • Sound BlasterX Katana allows you fully customize the system and provides you with 7.1 surround sound facilities.
  • The system provides you with decoder of Certified Dolby Digital 5.1.
  • Creative Sound BlasterX Katana is supported by both the PC and Mac which also has USB connectivity that aids in 24-bit/96kHz with lossless audio in high definition.
  • Supported by USB flash drive connectivity which is convenient for playing MP3, WMA, FLAC and WAV content access along with playback.
  • Optical input are provided for high-definition digital audio playback from inputs like TVs and game consoles.
  • For connectivity from mobile devices, Sound BlasterX Katana is also provided with wireless systems.
  • Stereo 3.5 mm analog line-in is present in the system for better performance by Sound BlasterX Katana.
  • The lighting system is completely customizable so that you can set up an ambience of your choice.
  • Sound BlasterX Katana is provided with an IR remote control for controlling the system while gaming.

Creative claims that they are promising to bring back the speakers in the gaming world with the powerful Sound BlasterX Katana. With the help of the lighting system they are planning to match the ambience with the gaming lightings. Apart from sounding completely out of this world, the Sound BlasterX Katana also provide gamers with an awesome ambience and takes entertainment to a whole new level. The customization of the audio system is to allow the gamers to match the sound system with the games they are playing, reduce distractions and enhance the essentials of gaming audio details.

Sound BlasterX Katana Price and Release Date:

Sound BlasterX Katana release date is supposed to be in the month of November. As far as Sound BlasterX Katana price is concerned, it is supposed to be about 299.99 euros.

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