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Whenever we see an out-of-the-box product on Pinterest, it’s obvious that we start imagining ourselves with that attractive stuff. We start thinking – how would we look after wearing those stylish clothes, how helpful it would be if we had that gadget, how tasty is that dish and many more mind blowing imaginations.

Now what would you do? If I say that you can buy these eye catching products within the social network. Confused right? Till today Pinterest only was a place where we could view, gather and buy (outside social network) our favourite and wished products. But now, Pinterest has planned to move a step towards our interests.


Yes! It’s true. Pinterest has announced that, now the users can buy products within the social network by using the new ‘Buyable Pins’ option. This announcement was officially made on this Tuesday (2nd June 2015).

Who Can Use Buyable Pins?

This product buying button or option is available for the Pinterest App users only. As of now, this option will be available for the iOS users by the end of this month. Android and online users have to wait till the end of this year, to enjoy this new feature by Pinterest.

How Buyable Pins Work?

The product that you wish to buy will have a blue coloured price tag. On clicking the Buyable Pin button, you will be directed to a screen containing two options – ‘Buy it’ and ‘Pin it’. Now, for buying the product you need to choose the ‘Buy it’ option. After selecting this option, you will be directed to an order screen where you can pay through Apple Pay or Credit Card.


Faad Factors of Buyable Pins

  • We can buy our favourite products, without extra efforts
  • The product dealing will be done within the social network
  • Availability of about 2 million products
  • Big retailers – Neiman Marcus, Macy’s and Nordstom
  • No charges for using Buyable Pins, as of now.
  • Great opportunity for other online retailers like Amazon etc.


Pinterest’s Buyable Pin is a satisfying approach towards the growing social world. The network has made a great effort to meet the needs of today’s fashionable youth. It would be interesting to observe what other alike social networks have got to do, in order to compete with this new feature – Buyable Pins by Pinterest.

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