New Security Feature for Android: On-body Detection

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Google is planning to roll out a new feature named ‘On-body Detection’ for the devices operating on the latest version of Android that is Android Lollipop (version 5.1).

This new security feature is yet to be launched officially by Google. However, it is available on some of the devices running on 5.1 version of Android Lollipop, as of now.


This new On-body Detection feature by Google allows you to use your Android Smartphone without facing the screen lock problem, while using it. In simple words, you can use your Android Smartphone without getting it locked again and again.

This security feature by Google for Android is active only when you have the Smartphone in your hands or on your body. Yes! Once you put down the Smartphone, it will get locked.

Now, after unlocking once, you can access all the apps till you carry the device on you or hold it. Suppose you unlocked the device and started using it, it will remain unlocked till you catch it in your hands or put it in your pocket. It will get locked only when you keep it down (somewhere on the table) and you will need to manually feed the unlock code or pattern again in order to use it, after picking it.

This new security feature by Google does not support you in one case.

Your device won’t get locked, if you give it to someone else while using it. As this feature does not have the ability to recognize your gestures. So, be careful while using this high tech security feature by Google for Androids.

This security feature by Google was observed on Nexus 4 first, and is being observed on many other Smartphones (mostly Nexuses). Another point observed is that, your Smartphone need not have Android 5.1 Lollipop to access this security feature. Any device running on version 5.0+ may get this feature.

This on-body detection feature for security seems to be a part of Google Play Services updates, not through an OS update.

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