Samsung Radiant 360 R7: Review, Specs, Price and Release Date

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Samsung Electronics is a global leader in technology and opening new path of innovation for people everywhere. The company is the giant in home appliances manufacturing brands and operating in more than 79 countries across the globe. Samsung is involved in developing new technologies day by day and is setting a benchmark in the innovation of new products with higher quality and design.

As a result of these innovations, a new avatar is added in the list of products manufactured by the company. This remarkable product or gadget is the Samsung Radiant 360 R7.


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Samsung Radiant 360 R7 Speakers

Music and sound are the breath of life and Samsung’s first Omni directional wireless speaker – The new Radiant 360 R7 is the one which will change the view and philosophy related to music and the audio experience with crystal clear sound quality.

The device has been unveiled now and will be available in the market in the mid of April, 2015. Samsung Radiant 360 R7 speaker is priced $499.99 in the US market.

Introduction of Samsung Radiant 360 R7 Speakers

The innovative 360 degree design, wireless enabled technology, surround sound and a name of brand ‘Samsung’ makes this device more exited to discuss. These are also the reasons leading this small thing to get an applause of appreciation from not only the end users, but also from the technical desk critics from popular media houses.

This Samsung’s Omni-directional speaker promises 360 degrees of crisp audio for every direction, irrespective of its position.

If you want to take the speaker out of this way. Then again, you cannot ignore that cool, oval design of the device that you would like to display proudly.

Design of Samsung Radiant 360 R7 Speaker

Rounded oval design, cutting edge technology and a 360 degree sound distribution gives this device a rich look and feel so that no one can avoid.

That’s the only reason why this cute little boy is acclaimed as one of the most innovative designs of the sound system technology.


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Features of Samsung Radiant 360 R7 Speakers

Wireless Multiroom Compatible Technology

Technology is the identity of Samsung and this piece is a symbol of excellence in quality with innovation. The Radiant 360 R7 speaker’s uses Samsung’s new developed “Ring Radiator” technology that enables the device to deliver the sound in every direction.

Samsung’s Radiant 360 R7 speakers can connect most of the operating system platforms such as Android, Windows and Apple Mac. These R7 speakers also connect most of the audio devices available in the market nowadays and is wireless enabled.

Omni Directional Audio

Radiant 360 R7 speakers works with Samsung’s new Multiroom App 2.0, and this technology gives you the ability to connect or share music across multiple devices in the home or at your workplace.

The special feature that should be considered is that the Radiant 360 R7 can be paired with any Samsung TVs or sound bars or any music system (Compatibility desirable). The app also has a new interface with a new central wheel dial, custom queue list and many more.

HD Audio Playback

This device can play the high definition audio and supports most of the available audio formats.

Warm and Rich Audio Reproduction

Radiant 360 R7 is a next generation audio system that can not only enhance the audio, but also reproduce the sound waves according to the room environment. You also get a rich and warm audio or sound experience with this high tech speaker by Samsung.

This is the device that automatically detects most of the Samsung wireless enabled products like – TVs, Sound Bars and Music Systems without any conflicts and create a magic of rich audio.

And now, the market will get its star of the sound technology (Samsung Radiant 360 R7) which will change the possibilities in the field of music and may prove to be a milestone.

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So, what do you think about this high tech speaker by Samsung? Will Samsung Radiant 360 R7 prove to be another milestone by the Samsung manufactures? Convey your thinking about this high tech Speaker by Samsung, below in comments.

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