3 Most Popular Video Game Platforms

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These days you will find various types of video games to choose from and satisfy the need for playing your favorite games. These ones are designed in such a manner that they offer the best gaming experience regardless which of them you choose to suit your needs.

At the beginning there were quite a limited number of the ways through which you could have played games but with the technological advances this industry has evolved considerably. There are however some things that can not be changed in that a video gaming experience is usually carried out through the same means: main console, input controller, and a visual display unit.

What has changed in the meanwhile is the video game platform that can be found under three main types to choose from:

1. Personal Computers

computer-gamesPersonal computers come as the most accessible type for those who are passionate by playing games. They are designed in the form of laptop and desktop computer having special hardware that enables gamers to upload and play games at the best of the machine ability.

Speaking of hardware, it is important to understand that it needs to be ‘equipped’ with features that allow you have a great gaming experience, such as: a powerful GPU (Graphic Processing Unit memory) along with other features that belong to a quality PC. It is also possible to have your PC configured in such a manner to increase more your gaming experience.

2. Video Game Consoles

video-gamesVideo game consoles have been around since the 50s but they have evolved considerably being these days at their eighth generation. They are usually designed to be connected to TV screens for having the visual reflected in accordance to the game provided by the particular console. Some of the most popular consoles that you can find on the market are: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. You can have a gaming experience in the form of handheld consoles such as the ones of the type PSP Vita and Nintendo DS.

3. Mobile Game Platforms

mobile-phone-gamesMobile game platforms are the ones that are accessible through the use of mobile phones or any other type of portable electronic tablets. The video games you will find available on these mobile devices are created in accordance to the operating system that accompany the mobile device. The most popular OSs are: iOS and Android Mobile OS created for iPhones.

You can find also the systems operating under Firefox Os and Windows Mobile OS. It is interesting to note that the number of games played on mobile units is huge with thousands of games to choose from turning gaming experience into a challenging one while you are on the go. You can get many of these games for free while there are as well others that you need to pay a fee for.

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