Nokia to Launch Its First Ever Phablet at New York Event, Late September This Year

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Nokia is going to unveil new, large screen phablets in late September. Nokia will renovate its Lumia lineup with this large screen phablet to challenge its rival, Samsung which is already popular in phablets. Phablet is a common name for smartphones with screen over 5 inches.

nokia-lumia-phabletThe Finnish mobile company which was behind Samsung and Apple in the race, paced up its product launches last year in order to stop decline in their sales. Samsung is leading the market in smartphones but Apple remains the top seller of tablets. Analysts are expecting that the demand for smartphones may grow further as many consumers see photographs or watch videos in their smartphones.

Nokia has bet its future on smartphones with Microsoft’s Windows software, but still Windows share in market is 3 percent whereas Samsung and Apple have 90 percent of shares in market with Google Android and Apple iOS.

In July, Nokia launched Lumia 1020 with 41-megapixel camera. But now gaining shares in smartphones is crucial for it in the long run as consumers prefer to use smartphones for increasing number of utilities.

This phablet will be the latest addition in Nokia’s Lumia smartphones which will come with a Microsoft’s Windows phone OS. Its features, price and specifications have not been revealed yet.

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