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If you are on a lookout for a smart watch which will not only look pretty but provide you with the best of fashion, then you must try out the Meizu Mix smart watch. It is one of the finest watches that are present in the market in the current time and is a perfect ‘Mix’ of style, quality and functionality. It doesn’t only come in various colors for you to choose from but also allows you a flexibility in the choice of materials you need for the wrist watch band.

Meizu Smart Watch Design and Features

The Meizu Mix is a quartz watch which is entirely designed out of 316L steel that provides the device with the ultimate toughness that makes it resistant against both corrosion and extreme weather conditions. The soft design of the device along with the strong material it is carved out of makes it smooth to wear and tough at the same time.

The cover of the watch is not made of glass but is designed out of sapphire, which comes just after diamond in toughness. Hence it is scratch resistant which allows you to use the Meizu smartwatch in whatever way you want to. The other benefit of using sapphire is the fact that it can withstand high ranges of temperature without any kind of distortions and hence protects the device.

The internal structure of the watch is entirely made of Swiss technology, which is unmatched throughout the world in term of preciseness and quality. The exquisite craftsmanship of the watch along with the long lasting battery available gives you the best of tradition and modern technology at a single go.

The design of the Meizu Smart Watch is so made that it fits perfectly onto your wrist and provides you with all the modern facilities that you might be needing in a smartwatch. It helps you to attend all your important calls by notifying you about it. MIX Smart Watch also notifies you about any message that comes to your phone so that you can attend to them according to the importance. Apart from playing a tone to make you aware of the incoming message, it will also vibrate so that you are absolutely aware of the incoming communication. In general, you can also use the watch like a timer to remind you of any specific notification that you have set.

If you think that the watch is only good for checking time and notifying you of any kind of communication, you are wrong as it also keeps track of your health. Every step you take is recorded in the watch along with the calorie intake that happens. You can also use the watch to track down your phone in case you lose it with the help of the special tracker that is attached to the watch. Meizu Smart Watch can be used to call your phone and check up on its position.

So, what are you still waiting for? Buy Meizu Mix now!

Meizu Smart Watch Price:

Meizu Smart Watch MIX is available for 1,300 yuan (Rs. 13,184).

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