Meizu Accessories: HD50, M8, M10 and Smart Watch MIX

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When it comes to Meizu, you can always rely on the quality provided to you by it. Apart from delivering stylish products, Meizu prides itself in providing the customers with products which are superior in quality. Today we will introduce to you four of Meizu’s most coveted accessories which are bound to enhance your experience with a smart phone. These accessories help you to keep track of your health, prevents you from missing important calls, enhance your music and keeps your phone ever charged so that you can be relaxed.

Meizu Accessories:

Meizu SmartWatch MIX:

One of the coolest smart watches available, Meizu successfully combines the toughness of 316L steel and soft design to provide the customers with a device which is good in both utilization and style. It is resistant to various odd situations like extreme temperatures, corrosion and is smooth and elegant in nature. It utilizes the world renowned Swiss movement and the covering is entirely made of sapphire which is extremely hard and scratch proof and is capable of withstanding very high temperatures without getting any wear and tear. The Meizu Mix comes in a variety of designs and colors for you to choose from. It also helps you to keep a track of all your steps, calls, texts and can even help you find your phone.

Meizu HD50:

The second on list is the cool head gear from Meizu which adds a different dimension to the whole musical sensation. Entirely made of leather and metal, HD50 is not only good to touch but also offers awesome sound. It comes in a black and a white variety and is the perfect mix of hardness and flexibility. The headset is unique as it is made of a dual cavity designing and it also takes into consideration the various ear shapes of different people and have developed a design which will fit graciously to all ear types. Its handle can turn in three different degrees.

Meizu M8 Power Bank:

The Meizu M8 is one of the most powerful power banks that are present in the market currently. It comes with a 10000 mAh capacity which is capable of charging the phone for 4.5 times and can completely charge an iPad mini once. It is elegantly designed with a smooth curve which is multi polished to provide you with an excellent product. The color scheme is also very elegant to look at with the grey and white finish that is as pretty as a painting. The curves on the body of the device fits your palm perfectly. It is also created out of material which is resistant to wear and tear and is capable of compatibility with various products.

Meizu M10 Power Bank:

Yet another elegant power bank from the store of Meizu. It helps you to charge your phone much faster than the general power banks do on an average. The best part about this power bank is that it itself gets charged faster than any other power bank present in the market. It is made of corrosion proof materials which is also scratch proof in nature. The elegant color scheme and the shape and size of the device will help you become more stylish and provide you with a better grip for the device on a whole.

We have provided you with a brief of all the accessories which are available from the production house of Meizu and which will help you enhance your experience with a smartphone on a whole. We hope that you will find the most suited product and enjoy it to the fullest.

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