How to Locate Android Phone on Silent Mode

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Keeping your android phone somewhere and forgetting it is a common thing for every one of us. We get tensed from the next moment we realise that our android phone is misplaced. This tension generated is due to various things — may be personal or professional. As a result of this tension we desperately start looking around for our smartphone. At last, we get frustrated and a bit annoyed if our efforts to find android phone goes in vain.


Just think, if our android phone is on silent mode then? The level of frustration will increase, for sure. In order to keep calm, we can try a few tricks to find android phone on silent mode. These tricks may include many things; here we have mentioned the trick of using an app. Yes! We can find android phone on silent mode using apps.

Whistle Phone Finder

whistel-phone-finderWhistle Phone Finder is an Android phone app through which we can locate android phones on silent mode. This android app is worth installing and interesting to use.Using this app we can find android phones on silent mode by just whistling. Yes! We need to whistle whenever we face this situation of misplacing our android phone in the house.

The disappointing thing about this amazing android app is that it works within a limited area included that the sound of the whistle should be loud enough.

Ring My Droid


Ring My Droid is an android app that is based on SMS triggered alarm function. We just need to send an SMS to the lost android phone, after receiving this SMS the lost phone will ring with full volume, even in silent mode.

The main thing that we need to understand about the functionality of this phone tracing app is that the SMS we send using another phone should contain a ‘Key Phrase’. What is this Key Phrase? When we open this android app after installing, it will ask us to feed a Key Phrase. This Key Phrase (may be a word or a phrase) is used to trigger our lost android phone. So, we need to send an SMS containing the Key Phrase to our lost android phone, in order to find it.

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Finding lost android phone on silent mode is no more a big problem for those who install and use these cool apps. So, we suggest you to add any one of these apps or other related android apps into the long list of Android apps that you use. We hope that, you never get frustrated the next time when you lose or misplace your smartphone.

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