Gadget that Indicates You to Drink More Water when Required

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Surprised to know that there is a gadget that tracks the amount of water we drink. Yes! This health gadget is named – HidrateMe Water Bottle. This smart health gadget or smart water bottle is created in order to provide our body with the required amount of water based on our height, weight and location where we live.


How Does this Smart Water Bottle Work?

To notify us, this smart bottle glows when the water level in our body is low. HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle uses a sensor along with an app that indicates and helps us in maintaining our health. Apart from this healthy feature, the smart bottle accounts and informs us about the water loss that occur due to exercise. This additional feature is really helpful for us, if we are a fitness geek.

HidrateMe Water Bottle’s History

The idea of inventing this simple and helpful fitness gadget struck Nguyen’s mind on July 2014, when she completely forgot to drink water during her 10 hour bus ride. She explains that she was conscious about hydration, but how easily she forgot to drink water, because of her busy life.

Knowing the harmful effects of dehydration, she decided to find a way out. In September 2014, she took part in Google’s Startup competition held at Minneapolis (Minnesota), after convincing a few members of the University of Missouri to help her. As a team they created a prototype within 54 hours and stood at the third place.

This is a short history related to HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle.

Faad Factors of HidrateMe Water Bottle

  • Simple and Useful fitness gadget
  • Easy to carry, just like any other water bottle
  • Glows when our body requires more water
  • Set preferred time intervals to drink water (like 30 minutes)
  • Saves us from dehydrating

HydrateMe smart water bottle has collected over $230,000 for its Kickstarter campaign of $35,000. These smart water bottles are available with a delivery date of winter 2015, starting at a rate of $39.

Hope that this fitness gadget will be helpful in maintaining our fitness levels without much effort. Let us know below in comments if you have something to add.

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