How to Hack Your Friends WhatsApp Conversation

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Hacking your friends WhatsApp conversation is easier than Changing their WhatsApp profile picture. Yes! Hacking WhatsApp chat history of your friends is really simple and obviously an exciting prank to play.

Did you ever think of reading your friends WhatsApp messages? Yes, isn’t it? So, were you successful in reading their WhatsApp messages?

We are sure that you were unsuccessful trying to read your friends WhatsApp conversation. This would be just because of the security password that we generally use to save our WhatsApp account from hacking or spying by our friends.

You might be really excited and ready to hack your friends WhatsApp conversation. So, let’s get started with the shortest procedure to hack your friend WhatsApp conversation, without wasting much time.


Hack Friends WhatsApp Conversation

This procedure is the shortest one and consists of only 3 steps. Here are the steps to hack your friends WhatsApp conversation:

  1. Enter into the Micro SD card of your friend’s phone.
  2. Now click on the ‘WhatsApp’ option, followed by the ‘Database’ option.
  3. Share or copy the below mentioned files to your phone.

The files that you need to copy or share will be named as:

“msgstore-year-month-date.db.crypt8” and “msgstore.db.crypt8”

That’s it! Now you can read your friends WhatsApp conversation.


Hack your friends WhatsApp conversation by following the above mentioned simple steps. So, enjoy and irritate your friends by reading their WhatsApp conversation. Apart from this, we would advise you to keep a security password for your Micro SD Card entrance (like: File Commander, etc.) to prevent your WhatsApp conversation from getting hacked by your friends.

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