How to Generate YouTube Playlists without Logging In

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The videos that you create or build in YouTube are always linked to your Google Account or YouTube channel. As a result, you cannot create a YouTube playlist without logging in your YouTube account – due to the connection between your account and videos (that you create).

But thanks to Amit of Labnol, who has come up with a simple URL technique to overcome this problem. In this technique you can create playlists on YouTube without logging into your account.

These virtual YouTube playlists are same as that of the regular ones. The only point that differentiates them is that, these virtual playlists are not linked to any Google account.


Create YouTube Playlists without Logging into Your Account

Every YouTube video has a unique ID (video ID). The trick to create video playlists without logging in includes addition of these individual video IDs into a single link or URL. The procedure is as follows:

  • Suppose you have 3 YouTube videos to be added in a playlist or to be added in a new playlist.

Let the links be:


Bold letters or numbers are the video IDs

Let ID1 = sGUYasgdh  ID2 = hHL_d9  ID3 = ra95v

  • The only thing that you need to do is to add all this video IDs into one link. The URL is provided below:


That’s it! Your new YouTube playlist is created, that to without logging in.

The final YouTube playlist URL will look like:,hHL_d9,ra95v

So, this is how you can create YouTube playlist without linking it to you Google account or YouTube channel.

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