Gardening Gadgets – Must Have Gadgets for Gardeners

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Gardening is a pretty cool hobby which provides the gardener with immense pleasure and joy. But gardening can be a lot of work. However, there are plenty of gadgets present in the market to reduce the burden and make it a lot more fun.

From that long list of gardening gadgets, we have come up with the below mentioned 10 must have gadgets for gardeners.

Husqvarna Automower


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This little gadget will mow the lawn on its own and is capable of winning every kind of garden terrain that may be present. The best part is that it comes back to the base as and when it requires a charge up.

Koubachi’s Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

Available in both indoor and outdoor, Koubachi’s Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is capable of analyzing the light and moisture and informing you whether to take the plant to a brighter place or a shade and whether or not to water it. Present in multi-language, the sensor uses iPhone or web app to communicate with you.



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This is a handheld pollinator which works on sonic effects and helps in pollinating the flowers of plants like tomato, strawberries, pepper, peas, beans etc. So that you can utilize the vibration provide by bees vibration frequency to increase the annual fruit yield to up to 30%.



This gadget acts like a complete plant doctor. Once it is planted in the soil, it will detect the soil conditions and let you know what kind of plants are best suited for the soil. Also, you will be notified about the water drainage and fertilizer needs of the plants. It also provides you with step by step plant care plan.

Back and Sides GTech ST05 trimmer


Unlike most of the garden trimmers, Back and Sides GTech ST05 trimmer is completely cordless and allows you to trim the lawns in a pretty hassle free manner. So now you don’t have to trip on the cords or be stuck in a certain place.

Bug Catcher


This is a handy tool for gardeners who are afraid of the creepy crawlies. It comes equipped with long handles and soft bristles so that you can catch the bugs or spiders from a safe distance and release them elsewhere without getting close to it.

Herbie Indoor Garden


This comprises of a polymer and aluminium container with inbuilt water storage, which allows the plantation and growth of a number of plants indoor without any extra effort from you by using Active Growing Technology.

Pretty Mushroom


These mushrooms glow in the dark water providers which can supply the plant with a cup full of water during the day. In the night it glows and produces adequate illuminations for about 4 hrs.

Orbit Motion Activated Sprinklers


These sprinklers by orbit uses motion technology to detect and set of sprinklers as and when intruders like cats or deer enter to destroy your beautiful tended gardens.

Garden Owl


This is a life like decoy of a barn owl available with motion and sounds to ward off the intruders which may cause harm to your carefully tended garden.

These were the 10 gardening gadgets that every gardener must have, in order to simplify their work. At last, don’t forget to share the names of your gardening gadgets!

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