Top 5 Gadgets to Help You Sleep Better

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Unable to sleep? Or complete the minimum amount of peaceful sleeping time?

If one comes across the above asked questions, then they need to think about the cause of their insufficient sleep. If the reasons for not completing your sound sleep are minor, like — late sleeping schedules, challenges falling asleep and difficulty waking up; then modern technology can help you out through this simple issue by providing with the below mentioned gadgets.

1. Misfit Beddit


Misfit Beddit converts your normal bed into a smart bed. It is a thin plastic strip which can be laid under the bed-sheet to calculate your motion throughout the sleep. It collects the information like sleep duration, heart rate, stages of sleep, wake times and snoring. After collecting, it transfers the information to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. The app provided in this gadget also plays soothing music which helps you sleep at night. Misfit Beddit is not only programmed to get sleep, but also helps in waking up. It wakes up in the morning when you are in the lightest stage of your sleep.

2. ResMed S+

ResMed S+

ResMed S+ is a contactless sensor which can be placed near to your bed. It instructs you to sleep (e.g. Sleep facing towards your right) after sensing the light, noise and temperature surrounding your sleeping zone. Required data like sleep durations, cycles and wake ups are collected and transferred to your Android or iOS device using Bluetooth technology. Now the app included in it will compare you with others by rating your sleep on a 0-100 scale. ResMed S+ also makes you sleep faster by playing pleasing music sensing your breath.

3. Withings Aura

Withings Aura is similar to that of Misfit Beddit, as it includes a sensor pad into your bed which tracks sleep duration, stages, wake ups and many more. One can program the device to wake them up during their light sleep.


Another part of Withings Auro is a bedside device which gives out a dim light. This device helps you get to sleep and wake up by increasing the levels of healthy sleep hormones. Factors like the light and sound pollution, which affects your sleep are also measured by this device. A USB port for charging and an alarm clock is provided in this part of gadget as it occupies a large space on your side table.

4. SleepRate

Basically SleepRate is a sleep enhancing kit (not a gadget). It includes a ‘Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor’ which is to be tied around the chest; as it calculates sleep duration, stages, quality and wake times using heart rates.


A 4-8 week treatment plan is then created using this information, which helps you to manage your sleep times and find the perfect conditions for night sleep.

5. LifeTrack Brite R450


LifeTrack Brite R450 stands separate from the crowd of sleep tracking wearables as it includes many smart sleep tracking features. These smart features include wake up (based on real time data) and light sensor. It helps you in knowing the amount of natural light required for good sleep. Exercise features — including calories burned, step counting, distance and heart rate are also provided. One can receive SMS and incoming call notifications through Bluetooth from your phone.

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