Gadgets Helping People with Disabilities to Live Independently

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Disabilities are a curse. It may come into one’s life at any point of time or one may even be born with it.  But disabilities tend to make us dependent on other people so that we can lead a smooth life. The feeling of being a burden is what makes disabilities even worse. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t have to depend on others for our day to day activity? Well, in the current age of technology, a number of gadgets are available which will help you lead an independent life despite of your disabilities.

Here we have mentioned 5 useful gadgets for disabled people to live independently.



As funny as it may sound, Pedopanic is actually a great disability gadget for all those who are not capable of calling someone for help. It is a small device which combines the likes of a pedometer and a panic button. The panic button is capable of making loud noises as and when it is pressed so much so that it can gather attention in case you have had an accident or need desperate help.

HeadMouse Extreme


Origin Instruments brings forth the HeadMouse Extreme which is sure to be an awesome substitute of the regular mouse that controls a computer. This disability gadget is specially made for people who have limited hand movements and are incapable of using a regular mouse for various computer related works. It utilizes the optical fibers to detect the movement of your head and accordingly moves the pointer on your computer screen.

Combination Clothes Washer/Dryer


One of the toughest parts of our daily chore of washing clothes is the transferring of the wet clothes from the washer to the drier. But if we could get a machine which combines both the tasks in one single gadget, then life would be a lot simpler. Combination clothes washer/dryer does just that. It combines the two tasks into a single device, making it a must have gadget for disabled persons.

Tactile Wand Electronic Walking Stick


Tactile Wand Electronic Walking Stick is one of the best gadgets for people with visual disability. It is just like a regular walking stick with a slight twist. It consists of a gadget mounted on a walking stick that is capable of detecting the closeness of an object to the person and sets off vibrations to warn the person of a probable collision.

Braille EDGE 40


Braille EDGE 40 is one of those miracle devices that allows the conversion of Braille into multiple languages. Along with its four way navigation keys, the device is a true delight. It also has easy connection options to the computers or PDA via the Bluetooth and once charged, it lasts for a considerable amount of time. This disability gadget also allows to save conversations for future use.

We hope these disability gadgets will help you to lead a life which is free from the favors of others. These disability gadgets will make you more and more self dependent so that you can lead a guilt free life and not suffer from the conscience of depending on others.

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