12 Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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So here we go! After revealing Gadgets for Couples we have come up with gifts for long distance relationship. Now, you will be able to enjoy your long distance relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend to the peaks using these long distance relationship gadgets.

Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend or Girlfriend

As we are gadget oriented, so you’ll find only gadgets that you can use as long distance relationship gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Here we go with the list of gifts for long distance boyfriend/girlfriend:

Durex Fundawear

Durex Fundawear is the world’s first wearable that allows you to feel your partners touch. Your partners touch is transferred through their smartphone to yours, and then to the mini sensors present in the fundawear. This is how this long distance relationship gadget helps you stay in touch with your love.


The very first in our list of long distance relationship gadgets is everyone’s favourite, Kissenger. This long distance relationship gadget helps you kiss your partner miles away. The idea behind this long distance relationship gadget is to make you and your distant partner kiss with a bit of emotions in it. On the whole, kissenger is worth a gift for your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend.

Taion Heart

According to our readers, Taion Heart is the best long distance relationship gift for their love. It allows couples to hold hands virtually, which is great in terms of emotions. The best part of this long distance relationship gadget is its glowing colours, which indicates different feels rising in you.

Pillow talk

To convey your feels through this long distance relationship gadget, you need to wear a ring on your wrist, which helps your feels and heartbeat transfer to your partner. All this is done via a panel contained inside this long distance relationship gift, pillow talk!


LovePalz is one of the best and popular virtual sex gadget. Yes! You’ve heard it right. Now you get a chance to fulfil your sex desires using this long distance relationship gadget. Are you excited and want to know how this virtual sex gadget works? Then do check this post – Virtual Sex Gadgets. So, will you buy this gift for long distance boyfriend or girlfriend of yours? Let us know below in comments.


Another great long distance relationship gift to stay intimate. More about Lovense.


Vibease is one among the list of virtual sex gadgets. Vibease vibrators are termed more than just a vibrator. You can control this vibrator remotely, and use its app to text your partner, read erotic books and also listen to erotic audios. This is an ideal gift for long distance girlfriend of yours.


Mojowijo is another virtual sex gadget that helps you enjoy closeness even if your partner is miles away. Communication among the couple is initiated through skype. Unique thing about this long distance relationship gadget is that it allows you to control the intensity with which you want to please your partner. Mojowijo is another great gift for long distance girlfriend of yours.

Kiiroo’s (Onyx and Pearl) Couple Set

Kiiroo has come up with a couple sex gadget similar to LovePalz that allows long distance relationship couples to have sex. Kiiroo video chat or app is the only way for the lovers to communicate. Kiiroo’s Onyx is for male and Kiiroo’s Pearl is for female.

We-Vibe Couples

We-Vibe Couples include four sex gadgets – We-Vibe Sync, We-Vibe 4 Plus, We-Vibe Classic and We-Vibe Unite. These products by We-Vibe can be proved to be the best gadgets for couples.

We-Vibe Solo

Coming to the long distance relationship gifts, We-Vibe Solo are the best! We-Vibe Solo collection includes – We-Vibe Nova, We-Vibe Rave, We-Vibe Wish, We-Vibe Touch and We-Vibe Tango. We-Vibe solos are the best gift for long distance girlfriend.


This wearable helps you touch your partner virtually. An awesome gift for long distance boyfriend/girlfriend of yours.

These were a few gifts for long distance boyfriend or girlfriend of yours. All these long distance relationship gadgets help you convey your feels to your partner miles away. Hope you buy any of these long distance relationship gifts and get the most out of it.

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