Funktion-One Loudspeakers – F55, F81, F101, F1201 and F88

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Funktion One is one among the best compact loudspeaker manufacturers in the world. Attaining the best audio quality is the only motivating principle practiced at Funktion One.

Huge speaker qualities compressed and featured in a space friendly box, is all what a compact loudspeaker means. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with the list of compact loudspeakers by Funktion-One.

List of Funktion-One Loudspeakers with Price:

Among all the products developed by Funktion-one, there are 5 basic compact speakers.

Funktion-One Speakers:

  • Funktion-One F55
  • Funktion-One F81
  • Funktion-One F101
  • Funktion-One F1201
  • Funktion-One F88

Funktion-One F55

F55 by Funktion-One is extremely compact with wide dispersion, which makes it perfect for the ones looking for wide dispersion applications.
Funktion-One F55 Price and Review in detail.

Funktion-One F81

If you are looking for a speaker that perfectly fits your home studio or infill or any other small system applications then this compact speaker by Funktion-One is a great choice.
Funktion-One F81 Price and Review in detail.

Funktion-One F101

F101 is the extension or let’s say the larger version of F81. It comprises of 1” high frequency device and 1×10” bass driver.
Funktion-One F101 Price and Review in detail.

Funktion-One F1201

F1201 takes over other Funktion-One small/compact speakers in the list – as it comprises of a combination of 1” compression driver and 12” driver. This makes it best in terms of clarity and also accessible to a various range of frequencies.
Funktion-One F1201 Price and Review in detail.

Funktion-One F88

F88 is another wide dispersion loudspeaker in this list. It looks like manufacturers are highly focused on developing compact speakers with wide dispersion. F88 is coupled with two 8” drivers, making it highly efficient and loud.
Funktion-One F88 Price and Review in detail.

The above mentioned list of Funktion-One compact loudspeakers are a great choice to make in their respective fields. We’ll be coming up with many more products developed by Funktion One soon. So, stay connected! If you ever have any queries to be clarified or any details to share then do comment and let us know.

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