Funktion-One F88 Price and Review

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When you need a powerful sound system, people usually deploy two loud speakers at the same time so that they get a better sound effect than before. But what if you get two speakers clumped into a single one in order to give you better and more powerful sound? Wouldn’t that be awesome? That is exactly what happens in case of Funktion-One F88. It has two speakers clumped into one.

Funktion-One F88 consists of two Funktion One speakers which has a bandwidth of 8” clumped together to form one single loudspeaker which is more powerful and delivers greater amount of sound when music is played through it. It consists of a slot tweeter which can deliver a frequency which is above 6 kHz. The drives of the units are specially organized with particular attention in order to maintain the coherency of the device. The dispersion of the Funktion-One F88 is 110° and has a sensitivity of 99 dB. The Funktion-One F88 has the capability of being used in multiple places which includes the likes of under balcony, cinema surround, bar, theatre, club and AV. Funktion-One F88 is designed to have deliver the sound in full range completely on its own. However, in order to enhance the performance of Funktion-One F88 you can also enhance its abilities with the help of the bass enclosures by Funktion-One. MB212 and F or BR118 are some of the bass systems which are the best compliments of Funktion-One F88.

Funktion-One F88 Specifications:

  • Funktion-One F88 is designed so that the sound is dispersed far and wide.
  • Funktion-One F88 has a wide bandwidth which enhances its performance further.
  • The device comprises of 8” drivers which are specifically designed for Funktion-One.
  • The clarity of the device is of superior quality which when equipped with the intelligibility of the same helps in providing the users with superior quality of sound.
  • Funktion-One F88has been equipped with a special rear mounting position which allows users to mount the device in an alternative position where an alternative bracketry is used.
  • Funktion-One F88 has 3 cool shades for the users to choose from which makes the device legible to be color matched to the ambience of the place where it is being mounted.
  • The Funktion-One F88 is provided with additional options of mounting yokes or wall bracket for the ease of it being mounted on any required surface which the user thinks is fit for the device to be put up on.
  • It also provides the user with a choice of using either a hex punched grill which is overall made with stainless steel or use 8” individual grills.
  • Funktion-One F88 provides the users with a frequency range which ranges between 70 Hz and 18 kHz and weighs 13 kg.

Funktion-One F88 Price:

Funktion-One F88 is currently priced at £954.00.

This is all you need to know about the awesome Funktion-One F88 that provides the users with an awesome surround sound that is perfect for making the ambience of your party at your desired location.

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