Funktion-One F81 Price and Review

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When it comes to grooving it out with music, speakers play a very important role in creating the whole ambience. Funktion-One F81 are one of those speakers which provides the place with the right kind of ambience that truly enhances the whole mood of all the people that are possibly in and around the place. Funktion-One F81 is perfect for compact enclosures and provides great sound in such surroundings. Although smaller in size than most of the Funktion-One products that are available in the market, Funktion-One F81 does have an equable sound quality, which can give the other products a tough competition. Funktion-One F81 is equipped with sound intelligibility which allows it to provide users with great sound.

Funktion-One F81 provides the users with an awesome sound quality which is perfect for domestic uses. It is small in size which makes the device perfect for homes and smaller venues. Ancillary zones and distributed systems are some of the places which benefit the most from Funktion-One F81. The exceptional quality of the sound along with the clarity of The Funktion-One F81 makes it even more desirable to the music lovers.

Funktion-One F81 can also be paired with bass systems like MB112 and MB210LP and also the smaller bass enclosures of the BR series by the same company.

Funktion-One F81 Specifications in Detail

  • Funktion-One F81 is available with a compact enclosure and provides the users with high output which is perfect for usage.
  • The dispersion range of Funktion-One F81 is wide which helps in distributing the sound of the device to a distance and equal sound distribution occurs.
  • Funktion-One F81 8” and 1” drivers which are optimized to the specifications of Funktion One and is a perfect complement to the system.
  • Because of the excellent sensitivity of the Funktion-One F81, the sound produced is awesome.
  • The high passive crossover point of Funktion-One F81 to HF driver helps in low distortion of the sound that is dispersed through the system.
  • Funktion-One F81 provides the users with a choice of Speakon along with installation connectors for better performance of the whole device.
  • Funktion-One F81 M6 mounting and attachment points that are perfect for mounting it on various platforms for the ease of keeping it in small enclosures or homes.
  • The curved powder coated and steel grill of Funktion-One F81 allows it to be stylish at the same time it also eases the mounting system of the device on various platforms.
  • The Funktion-One F81 weighs around 5 kg or 11.5 pounds and has a frequency response of 95Hz – 19kHz which is pretty awesome for such device.

So, these are the tech specs of Funktion-One F81, which are most essential to the users and which may help you in selecting the device for your home or small enclosures where you may be using it to create a super ambience. It is perfect for giving a club like environment in your home or a small enclosure where you would like to create a party zone.

Funktion-One F81 Price

Funktio-One F81 price is not available even on its official site. So, mentioning any price according to the market will not help you.

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