Funktion-One F55 Price and Review

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When it comes to speakers, there is a new kid in town and it is literally rocking the whole place. Funktion-One F55 is designed for places which needs a near coverage with a wide dispersion of sound. Ideal for places like bars and theatre front fills, Funktion-One F55 can also be used for domestic purposes by people who are in need for a good sound system.

Funktion-One F55 is equipped with enclo-sure, which are highly sensitive. This is why it can easily provide the users with high clarity of sound along with imaging details and voice intelligibility. These features are what makes Funktion-One F55 unique, as these attributes are not easily available in other compact speakers of the same genre.

Funktion-One F55 provides the users with high performance with the help of the customizable enclo-sure tuning, which is made as per the specifications of Funktion-One. This also allows you to use the device without any kind of processor or equalization of the system. Funktion-One F55 is also equipped with the “out of operating band low frequency” protection, which will provide the users with added advantage while using the same.

Funktion-One F55 Specs in Detail

Funktion-One F55 is equipped with the following amazing features:

  • The enclosure provided by Funktion-One F55 is ultra-compact in nature, which in turn enhances the sound quality of the device.
  • When you are playing music on your Funktion-One F55, the sound will be dispersed over a wide range and even dispersion of sound takes place which makes it all the more enjoyable.
  • The Funktion-One F55 is coupled with 5” drivers, which are optimized to the specifications of Funktion One. This provides a perfect fit with the system.
  • With the increased sensitivity of the speakers, comes clarity in the sound of the same. Funktion-One F55 is designed to be highly sensitive in nature which helps it create an ambience like a club and also makes it perfect for usage in theatre frontlines.
  • The lack of compression drivers makes it less hefty and makes Funktion-One F55 lightweight and perfect for usage.
  • Funktion-One F55 provides the users with a choice when it comes to equip the device with other installations and Speakons, which can enhance the performance of the device.
  • Funktion-One F55 is provided with M6 mounting and attachment points so that it can be easily installed on walls or partitions.
  • The curved and powder-coated mild steel grill provides Funktion-One F55 with a cool look that makes it apt for bars, clubs and domestic uses as it enhances the look of the place.
  • Funktion-One F55 has a frequency range of 170Hz – 16kHz and weighs 3.5 kgs.

So, this is all you need to know about the Funktion-One F55 which will provide you great sounding environment along with an ambience that will truly rock your world. For better bass, you can also use the MB112 or MB210LP bass enclosure systems which are a perfect complement for Funktion-One F55.

Funktion-One F55 Price

Funktion-One F55 price is about £790.00, which is quite cheap for it.

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