Funktion-One F1201 Price and Review

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Funktion-one is a British-based company that manufactures high quality, loud speakers. The company was created by John Newsham and Tony Andrews in 1992. Before this, they had a company named “Turbosound” which was formed in 1978. After eight years of continuous research and completing the first major project on it, the Funktion-One company was built, for installing and designing the sound system, after their departure from the Turbosound. It’s since then the company gained a reputation in audio across the globe.

They are the professional manufacturers and inventors of loud speaker’s arrangement. Funktion-one’s principal propelling factor is to achieve the most superior audio quality. The designs of Funktion-one also focus on the maximizing efficiency, which is basically the transfiguration of amplifier power into acoustic energy. This configuration aims to produce responsive and living sound.

Funktion-One F1201 Overview:

The universal horn loaded 1 inch and 12-inch configuration is a quality product from Funktion-One that have applied their perfectionist designer approach with this. It has a clear steering of passive network EQ or any additional processing and so conserving transient response and coherence of phase. The outcome is intricate, liveliness and realism. With high output, and even well-defined low frequencies and response, Funktion-One F1201 is a very naturally stabled compact product.

Funktion-One F1201 Features:

  • The product has 90 degrees x 40 degrees coverage pattern rotatable horn
  • With high output, it has a compact enclosure
  • 1’’ and 12’’ drivers
  • Outstanding sensitivity
  • Attachment point and M10 mounting
  • Structural pole mount
  • 2 x NL4 Speakon connectors

Funktion-One F1201 is a recent integration to the range of products of small speakers from Funktion-one. This small and beautiful speaker that ends with largest is a standalone perfect fit in the cabinet for any official speech performance or seminars or even theaters. Funktion-One F1201 has a custom designed 1 and 12 inch compression drivers offering excellent efficiency, which is 100db 1 W at 1m. It is a great combination of both highly effective and portable device, which is ideal for places of small music ambience, open-air parties or DJ booths.

Funktion-One F1201 is a sound system with great clarity giving bass enclosure. The sound of this speaker really punches out, a review says. It is loud yet highly enjoyable. With this revelation, Funktion-one took its standard into a new level.

Coming from a highly reputed international company, the speakers of Funktion-One F1201 have always been in news. But event users say, its performance is much more than what is heard or read. One can only experience it after they install this. Price detail of this product is on request, though it is assumed to be more than two thousand in foreign currency.

If you want something more than just a sound system for your events, then F1201 is probably the best choice. This equipment from Funktion-one has the potentiality to meet the most demanding situations. Funktion-one creations are well-known for unbelievable acoustic efficiency, high audio output and its radical design by its renowned manufacturers and designers.

Funktion-One F1201 Price:

Funktion-One F1201 is priced between 200-250 USD.

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