Funktion-One F101 Price and Review

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Funktion-One F101 is one of the most unique products of Funktion-One, which offers a sonic environment despite of being one of the smallest loud speakers from the company. The pure design along with the awesome sound quality allows the user to cater to a wider audience with one device.

Although a small device, Funktion-One F101 is at par with all the larger devices from the same company and helps in providing sonic involvement to the users. Vocal intelligibility which is full bodied in nature along with excellent definition are some of the many awesome attributes of Funktion-One F101. The clarity of the device and the quality of imaging provided by it are quite capable of giving the larger devices a tough competition. Funktion-One F101 doesn’t require any kind of system equalizer or processor because it has an excellent enclosure tuning which is exceptionally good and a driver optimization which provides the users with awesome sound quality. Funktion-One F101 maximizes the fidelity along with the performance with the help of the natural simplicity of the design. The cost effective nature of Funktion-One F101 is another main attraction for the buyers. Funktion-One F101 has a sensitivity of 101 dB for 1 Watt which is applicable for 1 m of distance; this is unparalleled for a loudspeaker of this size and genre. Funktion-One F101 is also equipped with the low frequency protection which is out of operating band.

Theatre use, AV presentation and studio reference monitoring are some of the places where the Funktion-One F101 works beautifully. Because of its small size and awesome sound quality, it is a choice of product for most clubs and restaurants for the purpose of creating the ambience. Funktion-One F101 went to win the DJ Magazine Tech Award for Studio Monitor of the Year in the year of 2010 for its awesome performance.

Funktion-One F101 is one of the most potent systems that are present in the loud speaker industry today and can be coupled with the MB210LP, the smaller BR & F series or the MB212 enclosures for even better performance.

Funktion-One F101 Features:

  • Funktion-One F101 has compact enclosure along with high output.
  • It provides users with dispersion which is wide in nature.
  • It consists of 10” and 1” drivers which are optimized to the specifications of Funktion One.
  • It has one of the best sensitivity.
  • Funktion-One F101 has high passive crossover point to HF driver which provides the user with low distortion.
  • It provides the users with a choice of Speakon and other installations which provides better performance.
  • The M8 mounting along with the attachment points helps in easy mounting of the device.
  • Curved powder-coated mild along with steel grills are present.
  • It has sensitivity of 101dB with 150W of power and weighs 10 kg or 22 lbs.

This is all you need to know about the Funktion-One F101 which will help you to make a great party ambience for both small and large enclosure owing to its small size and powerful performance.

Funktion-One F101 Price:

Funktion-One F101 price is again not provided by its manufacturers.

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