Fooling Gadgets: to Play Prank This April Fool’s Day

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Want to fool your friend using gadgets this April Fool’s Day? Fooling others is not a big deal, but the fun generated through these pranks is. You might be bored with trying to fool your friend using the normal and old methods. So, try something different. For this difference, you need not work hard as you generally do to pass your exams.

We have come up with these fooling gadgets, for you to create more fun among your circle, this April Fool’s Day.

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Voice Changing Phone


This is what every person would like to have. We can change the tone of our voice according to our interest using this Voice Changing Phone. It also allows us to speak like a woman or men, which makes it more interesting. So, buy this gadget to fool your friends this April fool’s day.

Fake Pregnancy Prank


Use this sweat running gadget to fool your boyfriend or husband this April fool’s day.

RC Black Widow


This simple gadget helps you to play pranks with others on this April fool’s day.

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You can use this gadget to fool a person, by generating scary sounds. These sounds generated will affect their spine. So, long usage of this gadget is not recommended.

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Fool your friends using these fooling gadgets. We know that these are only a few from the long list of gadgets that will raise your entertainment this April Fool’s Day. So, let us know below in the comments, if you are willing to share any gadget that helps in fooling people. We would appreciate your contribution and add that gadget in this list of fooling gadgets.


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