Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

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Rumours were spread around that WhatsApp is going to launch voice calling feature for its Android app. So, now at last, the voice calling feature for WhatsApp is out. Yes! And this feature is made available only for the latest version of WhatsApp. The users who are still operating the previous versions of WhatsApp will not be able to enjoy this feature. So, download the latest version of WhatsApp (2.11.561) in order to enjoy this exciting feature.


How to Activate WhatsApps Voice Calling Feature

The main thing to focus on is that, this amazing feature by WhatsApp will not get activated by its own (even if you have the latest version). To activate it you need to receive a call from another WhatsApp user who is having this voice calling feature activated already.

After receiving the call, you need to close the WhatsApp app and reopen it.

That’s it! The WhatsApp calling feature will get activated.


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Now you can enjoy this voice calling feature on your Android Smartphone.

Three columns – calls, chats and contacts will appear on the main screen or home page of your WhatsApp app.

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