Creatista Plus – The Only Breville Nespresso Machine in USA

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Breville is a leading Australian company, known for manufacturing an outstanding range of home appliances, especially for kitchen use. Breville comes with a tag saying, “We are food thinkers”, which means their goal is to produce machines that are highly engaged in the field of food and beverages.

Are you thinking of spending the cosy winter weekend lying on the couch with a cup of cafe quality foamed hot coffee, yet feeling too lazy to step out to visit any cafe? Then take a minute to thank technology as now, Breville brings in the only coffee machine that serves you with a cup of coffee, which tastes just like barista-style coffee.

Creatista Plus is a classic product from Breville for making coffee. This is the exclusive coffee maker machine that Breville offers for enjoying coffee with a cafe accent. If you want to experience a professional cafe style coffee then this product is exactly the one your kitchen corner needs.

What Makes Breville’s Creatista-Plus Nespresso Machine Different from the Rest?

Discover the brand new Creatista-Plus Nespresso coffee machine by Breville that gives you micro-foam cafe style quality, authentic coffee at your home. With great benefit from Nespresso system’s coffee expertise that collaged with advanced milk texturing technology of Breville, a technology that is brought to a portioned coffee maker, for the first time. This machine easily enables you to create superior quality Latte Art coffee right away in your home.

Irrespective of whatever is your personal preference for coffee, you can create accurate textured milk by setting to your preferred temperature with the help of a steam wand that is fully automatic, to enjoy your kind of coffee at home. If you feel like having a coffee with the touch of a barista, you can have that too by using Creatista’s frothy milk and enjoy latte style coffee.

The machine comes with a high-resolution digital display to guide you for having your coffee style, be it cappuccino or any other coffee that you fancy. A machine with 3-second heat up timing and 11 different milk temperatures settings having 8 different selections of coffee variety.

The Creatista-Plus Nespresso machine is designed with a high glossy textured finish made with stainless steel that simply looks elegant and stylish, creating a luxury look to your kitchen. It comes with a pour pout shaped stainless steel milk jug, 19 bar pressure and assisted cleaning system that gives you a hassle free cleaning process. It has also been mechanized with auto-off after 9 minutes, in case you forget to switch it off, means it has also been equipped for safety usage. In short, it has all the necessary guidance and instructions to help you in every aspect, for your desired taste of coffee making.

The Creatista-Plus Nespresso machine, the only coffee maker from Breville will cost you $599 approximately. If you want to indulge yourself with a high quality, variety of exclusive cafe style coffee, at home, or want to surprise your guests by serving them latte style coffee, then Creatista-Plus is the ultimate one.

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