How to Create an Apple ID without a Credit Card for iTunes

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Certain apps like the Google Earth, Facebook and many more are available for free on the iTunes store. However, for installing these apps on your Apple device, requires for you to have a valid Apple ID which is UK or US based. In the same way, there are certain books which are available to the readers in iTunes, provided they are logged in through an Apple ID of the above mentioned available countries.


Problem Faced in Creating an Apple ID

Apple allows you to create multiple ID’s which is either UK or US based and you can switch between these IDs as and when required by you. So if you need to buy something which is available in the UK or US iTunes exclusively and you reside in, say, India, where the same is not available, you can simply sign into the US ID and purchase the said app or book. But the problem arises when you are required to provide your credit card information and mailing address while creating a new Apple ID ergo, you need an American credit card or PayPal account or else you don’t get an Apple ID.

How to Solve this Problem?

There’s an alternative way to create an Apple ID for the iTunes account without using a credit card.


  1. Launch the iTunes app on your desktop and logout of the existing ID (if any).
  2. Click the ‘Change Country’ option available at the bottom of the page, choose the preferable country where you can get the app or book you need.
  3. Open the App Store within the iTunes page, select the desired app and click the ‘Get’ button.
  4. iTunes will now ask you to enter a valid Apple ID, click the button which says ‘Create Apple ID’. Agree to all the provided terms and conditions and enter the minimum age hat available in the list.
  5. When asked for payment options, just click the option which says ‘None’ and enter a fake address. Your work is done and you can access the iTunes for the country you’ve chosen.

Creating multiple iTune IDs

If you want to have an Apple ID which you don’t want to use for purchasing from the iTunes, then you can simply go to iclouds for creating the same. However, when you use the same to sign into iTunes, you need to provide the credit card details.

Age Criteria for Creating an Apple ID

Apple requires you to be at least 13 years of age in order to access the iTunes. Entering an incorrect date will provide you with the message “you cannot create an Apple ID because you do not meet the minimum age requirements”. When you further go to enter a correct date, cache bug will not allow you to create an ID. You will have to remove all the websites dates and caches to complete the action.

This article is to aid you to create an Apple ID without a credit card or its information. Hopefully we’ve been able to answer all your queries. For further queries, suggestions and tips, please comment and let us know.

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