How to Change Profile Picture of Friends in WhatsApp

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We are sure that every one of you would love to play prank with your friends. Now, if the prank is related to WhatsApp then? The level of entertainment will surely raise to the extreme level.

In order to raise this bar of entertainment with your friends, we have come up with this prank of changing their WhatsApp profile picture. Doing this is not complicated until you go through the below mentioned procedure.

So, let’s get started and fool our friends by changing their WhatsApp profile pic.


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Change Friends WhatsApp Profile Picture

The basic idea or trick behind doing this prank is that WhatsApp saves your friends or any other contacts image by matching it with the contact, when you open it in full size. The next thing you need to do is to change that saved image. To successfully complete this process, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Install any good File Manager for your Android device. You can opt for AntTek Explorer Ex in case you don’t have or are confused to choose one.
  2. Now open (in full screen) your friends contact or the contact whose profile picture is to be changed. The picture will open in Profile Picture folder in full screen mode.
  3. Find for that picture in the Profile Picture Folder.
  4. After finding the image, you need to copy it and paste somewhere on your phone. You can copy this image by selecting the copy option, which will appear after a long press on the image.
  5. Now, find another picture (replacing or changing picture) from the Profile Picture Folder and copy its name.
  6. Resize this picture to 640 x 640 Px.
  7. Move this picture to Profile Picture Folder (Picture which you have pasted somewhere).
  8. Rename this pasted picture with your friend’s phone number – you can get this option by applying long press on it.
  9. That’s it! The WhatsApp profile picture of your friend is changed.

To check this, you can open your friend’s WhatsApp profile. You will not find any change in the thumbnail image of your friend’s profile. But when you open it in full screen, the image that you have changed will appear.

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So, enjoy and fool your friends by changing their WhatsApp profile pictures. This will create a lot of fun among your friend circle. Don’t forget to share this trick of changing your friend’s WhatsApp profile picture on social media, so that your friend’s can also enjoy and have fun by changing their contacts profile pics on WhatsApp. Do let us know if you have any quires.

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