Buying a New Smartphone? Don’t Forget to Consider These Things

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Everyone is running behind all those new Smartphones and tablets like the Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, Sony Xperias, etc… Today, Smartphone or a tablet has become a trend and of course it is something unavoidable since we all are running out of time. So situation compels us to have a Smartphone or a tablet, so that our routines are kept up to date.


But which one will you buy? There are a lot of brands and all are equally awesome. So we are in a dilemma when need to buy a Smartphone or tab. And the questions include iOS or Android? Large tab or a smaller one? Cheap or costly? And many more… and the answer completely depends on your need.

Here we are with some points that you must consider before buying your smartphone device.

The Price

The first thing that you must consider is your budget. Otherwise you will find a best device for you but won’t be able to pay for it and end up being let down. So first of all determine your budget and start searching for a device that comes under within your budget.

Screen Size

Now let’s decide the screen size that you will require. The display dimensions of tablets usually range from the pocket sized 7 inch to 10 inches and if you are planning to use your tablet more for multimedia purposes then you must have a tab of 10 or more inches. In the case of phones, I will opt for a pocket sized one rather than a large one, if our uses are same as that of a casual mobile user. But if you use your phone mainly for browsing web, texting, watching movies, etc… then of course you need a larger one.


All new tablets and smartphone have a built in camera. But for most of the users, imaging or video recording is an important task. Hence, most users opt for a device with a camera having higher zoom range and megapixels. So if you focus much on camera, there are tablets and phones with 8MP otherwise you may go for a lesser one, so that some bucks remains. Also, you may consider devices with front camera, if you have a lot to do with Skype and all.

Operating System

The operating system of the device is a factor that requires attention. Smartphones and tablets from Apple run in the iOS and the devices from Samsung and many more models run on Android. The Nokia phones are using Symbian OS and the Microsoft devices are made run on Windows OS. So there are a lot of platforms to choose from, and among these the most popular ones are the Android and iOS. So choose the one that suits you the best.

These four are the main factors that you must consider before buying a tablet or smartphone and of course this list is not complete and you must also watch out for other things like the storage, memory, connectivity, compatibility, etc.

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