Best Ways to Secure Smartphones and Tablets

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Smartphone security or Tablet security is important and necessary these days. Important data related to your financial accounts or personal life is being used by you through your Smartphones and Tablets regularly, isn’t it? So, do you think that securing your Smartphones and Tablets is important?

According to us, it’s really important for you to secure your Smartphones and Tablets. Now, another thing to stress on is that how can you secure your Smartphones and Tablets?

It’s a bit tricky and confusing for anyone of us to choose the best way to secure Smartphones and Tablets. In order to solve this confusion of yours, we have come up with these best ways to secure Smartphones and Tablets.


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How to Secure Smartphones and Tablets

Securing your important information contained in your Smartphone and Tablet is not that difficult. You can use any of the simplest and easiest ways to secure your device, mentioned below.

Usage of Security Apps or Software’s

The first, best way to secure your Smartphone and Tablets is to use Mobile Security Apps or Tablet Security Apps. Yes! The usage of security apps or software’s is one of the best ways to secure your Smartphones and Tablets.

When we use security software’s for our PCs, then why not for our handy devices?

Tablet and Mobile Security Apps or Software’s provide the below mentioned basic features:

  • Blocking of calls from known and unknown callers
  • Locking of the device, if lost
  • Protection from virus
  • Increases the smoothness of working on the device

These are only the basic features that you can enjoy through Tablet or Mobile Security Apps. Apart from this, these security apps provide a number of advanced features which will secure your Smartphone and Tablets.

Hide from Advertisers and Hackers

Advertisers and others are always ready to track your location and other valued data. This is possible as there are many ways through which they can reach you. So, try to protect your useful data by changing few settings provided by the manufacturers in your Smartphones and Tablets.

Safe Usage of Public Wi-Fi Networks

Operating public or free Wi-Fi networks is profitable for us, but this profit lasts till you get tracked by a hacker. Yes! Along with free data usage you will find many hackers waiting to track your useful and important data. So, you need to be careful while using public Wi-Fi networks. If possible, then use any of the encryption services.

Enable Remote Location

The probability of losing your Smartphone or Tablet is really high. So, tracking of your device becomes essential and this can be easily done by using few tracking apps.

iOS users can set tracking of their device by going to settings, followed by iCloud. Now, select ‘Find My iPhone’ option and activate the tracking feature provided by the manufacturers.

Windows phone users can activate this general feature by enabling the ‘Find My Phone’ feature, present in the Settings.

Android users can track their device by enabling the Android Device Manager App. You just need to link it to your Google account by following the instructions provided.

Set a Password


Setting a Pin or Password is the first step towards securing your Smartphone and Tablets. It does not require any kind of extra efforts. You just need to set a Password for your device through the ‘Settings’ options provided.

Wiping of Old Data

If you are planning to change your device, then make sure that to clean or wipe the data contained in your old device. As there are chances that other person may use this information in a wrong way.

Deleting of pictures, files, apps and other things will not save you from the professional hackers. So wipe the complete data present in your device’s internal memory. Wiping of data leaves no trace behind for hackers to hack.

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Secure Smartphones and Tablets using the above mentioned ways. Along with these, you also need to be careful while downloading the free apps. So, basically you need to be careful while doing things using your Smartphones or Tablets. That’s it! Now your device is secured and has less chances of getting hacked. So, share this useful information on Securing Smartphones and Tablets with your friends through Social Media, so that they can also secure their devices.

And Yes! Don’t forget to share your personal tricks that you use to secure your Smartphones and Tablets below in comments.


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