Useful Gadgets for Housewives

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In the world of technology all of us utilize gadgets to make life easier. Similar is the case of housewives. There are numerous numbers of gadgets available in the market today, which makes life whole lot easier for the housewives. As it is they have to take care of the house round the clock, hence having a helping hand in form of a gadget would be simply swell.

So, here are a few gadgets that will simplify the life of a housewife.

H2O Smart Pot


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Having a pot that waters the plants on its own is just heavenly. The H2O Smart Pot is a Bluetooth enabled pot which uses its database to detect and water the plants as and when required. There are types which need to have a water bottle attached to it or generates its own water as required.

Oil Free Fryer


This generation craves for healthy food which would be tasty at the same time and a fryer that fries delicious goodies without oil is simply a gift of the heaven. The oil less fryer utilizes infrared technology to fry foods at around 400 ° C, resulting in tasty snacks with 80% less fat. Yum!



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It’s a painful job to regulate the thermostat in each room or else you have to be satisfied with the same temperature regulations in every room. Not anymore! Ecovent utilizes sensors in hidden plugs to detect the condition in each room and regulate the thermostat accordingly and individually.


SleeptrackerGetting up in the morning is really tiresome and when the alarm goes off before you’ve had adequate sleep it really irritating. But you don’t need to worry anymore. Sleeptracker is a wristwatch come alarm clock which, when worn detects the end of deep sleep and sound the alarm accordingly.

Marinade Infusing Tenderizer

Marinade-Infusing-TenderizerThis is a particularly handy gadget that infuses the meat with flavors while softening it up. It consists of an inbuilt plunger which inserts the marinades into the meat while the stainless steel spokes tenderizes it.

LG Twin Wash

LG-Twin-WashWashing clothes is a huge chore. Separately washing the white and colors makes it twice the work. The LG Twin Wash has two compartments in the system i.e. there is a separate washer beneath the main one so that you can do two loads at the same time.

Power Purse

power-purseThanks to Eclipse Solar Gear, you no longer have to worry about dead mobiles. The purse uses solar energy to charge up the batteries of mobiles, PDA or other portable small gadgets while on the run.

Kitchen Scale


This small gadget has a backlit display and ouch buttons to make weighing cooking ingredients easy and quick.

New Wave NW-800

New -Wave-NW-800When it comes to cooking, New Wave NW-800 is a blessing. This cooker is capable of slow cooker, pressure cooker, deep fryer, rice cooker, steamer and pan searing.

Scanadu Scout

scanadu-scoutThis helps in staying healthy as it can detect abnormalities of vitals within seconds and warn you about upcoming illness so that you can take necessary precautions.

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These are a few useful and best gadgets from a long list of gadgets for housewives. Hope that you get benefited after using these gadgets. Let us know below in the comments, if you have any useful gadget for housewives in your mind!

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