Apple All Set to Roll out iOS7 with All New Design and Features

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Apple has upgraded their iOS to iOS7 with simpler, more enjoyable, and more useful features. Simplicity is very often equated with minimizing efforts. It’s all about offering the right things at right place and at the right time.

When you often pick something new and already know what to do, that’s simplicity. It is built with a new structure that brings clarity to whole system. Unnecessary buttons, bars, and the elements that do not add value have been removed and they have focused on things that matter most.
apple-ios-7Apple has always looked for utility above anything else; they always add features that make sense. One of the examples is Control Center; it gives one-swipe access to the things which you want to do at any given moment. There is no certain change in Home screen but the advantage is the Retina display, so that you can use it in the same way.

Animations are made cinematic in this device, for example Weather app. Fog passes in front of you, Storm clouds come with a view of flash of lightning, and suddenly it gives the feel of checking the weather by peeping out of the window.
Developers have added many interesting features, so you will know from first day the worlds’ advanced OS in its advanced form. So let’s take the tour of its advanced features:

Control Center

It gives you quick access to the apps and controls at that second when you want them. Just swipe from the screen – including Lock Screen – to switch to the Airplane mode, adjust the brightness, and turn on or off Wi-Fi. Never any of the previous OS versions have given you this one-swipe access controls but iOS7 do.

Notification Center

It lets you know about any missed calls, new mail, and many more. New feature added is Today which will give you a summary what you have to do today. One look at your iPhone and you’ll know if someone’s birthday, or traffic will slow down, or you’ll need an umbrella. You’ll even get the notifications on tomorrow’s plan also. You can access notifications from center screen or from Lock screen also.


Along with the existing shooting formats of the previous version like video, still, and panorama, now you also have square – front and center. You can do more with the images with the new filters – be it increasing the contrast or going back to the black and white era – do it the way you want.


If a person is next to you and sending the photos, videos, and files via e-mails feels like too many steps. But this interesting feature added in iOS 7 lets you quickly share photos, videos or any files at one go through Share button. Just click on Share button and AirDrop will do the rest using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. All the transfers will be highly secure.

App Store

It’s the new feature added in iOS 7 which will keep you up to date automatically about the most popular apps added in the Apps Store. A new Kids category has been added in the App Store for the best apps for children. It will keep your apps up to date but another bonus is automatic updates.

Find My iPhone

A new security feature added in iOS 7, it will make it harder for anyone who’s has sold out your phone or going to use it. Now erasing your device or turning off Find my iPhone requires Apple ID and Password. If anyone erase also your device than they want your Apple ID and password to reactivate it, which means your iPhone is still yours iPhone.

iOS in the Car

If your vehicle is equipped with iOS in the car, you can connect your iPhone 5 and make phone calls, send and receive messages, get directions, access to the music and many more. It’s designed in such a way that iPhone will focus on what you need, so that you can focus on the road. It seamlessly integrates your iPhone with IOS 7 experience.

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