Want to Stream Local Videos to Chromecast? AirCast App Is Here

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You must have heard about Chromecast by now. If you haven’t then Chromecast is a great media streaming device (Like Apple TV) that allows you to stream content directly from Google Play, NetFlix, Youtube and more. However the main disadvantage of Chromecast is that you cannot stream locally stored media.

chromecastThanks to Koushik Dutta a developer from ClockworkMod fame, now using a free Android App called AirCast you can make your Phone/Tablet transmit locally stored media files to a Chromecast. After reverse engineering the Google Chromecast protocols, the developer was able to make AirCast possible.

AirCast is a small Android app that allows you to stream your media from Gallery, DropBox, GDrive(Google Drive) or any other place.

Using AirCast is extremely simple. After installing the in-beta APK you simply select a video that is stored locally on the device through one of the aforementioned apps. Selecting the Share button then streams the video to the local Chromecast dongle. Users can control the playback from the device itself.

The launch of Chromecast with native support for only Netlflix, Youtube and Play Movies surely gives a bump to AirCast.

Google Seems to have future plans for ChromeCast; Google may be allowing you to stream your videos (local Media too). But currently AirCast is the best, and perhaps the only solution to stream your local media to your ChromeCast.

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