How to Add Facebook Videos to Your Web Pages

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Sharing videos on a webpage from your Facebook page has always been a little awkward as every time you share a video, your viewers are redirected to the Facebook page in order to check it out. But now Facebook allows you to embed videos on your page just like YouTube. So, if you come across a video on Facebook which seems interesting to you, you can easily share it on your blog or webpage without having your visitors redirected to the Facebook page. They can now check out the video on the blog or webpage itself.


Video Settings

However, there are a few things to consider when you are planning to embed a Facebook video on your own page. When you are sharing the video, make sure the settings of the video are public. Although Facebook does allow sharing of private videos which are shared with only your circles and friends and provides codes for the same, but the viewers on your public page may have trouble viewing those videos.

Plug-ins Required

Another issue with these Facebook videos, is the player used by the same. Facebook still uses Adobe Flash players when embedding a particular video on your blog or webpage when being viewed from the desktop. This setting is automatically converted to HTML 5 when the same video is viewed from your webpage or blog using a mobile browser. So, when the embedded videos are being viewed from a laptop or desktop, the viewers will require the enabling of the Shockwave Flash plug-in.

How to Embed Facebook Video on Your Blog or Website?

Before embedding the videos, you need to find it out. You can either search for any particular video by searching it through the search bar or Graph Search that is available in your Facebook page or else you can come upon a video when you are surfing your News Feed on your Facebook page. When you have found the video you want to embed:

  1. You need to click on the video and play it in the lightbox window available.
  2. There is an ‘Option’ button on the left bottom of the video, drag your mouse pointer on to it.
  3. Choose ‘Embed’ from the drop down menu available there.

Facebook will provide you with the brief extract of the code which is required for you to cut and paste directly on your webpage or blog. Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook page in order to generate the code required. Facebook also allows you to maintain the width of the video being shared.


We presume that this article has helped you to embed the videos of your choice on your webpage or blog for your readers to view without the trouble of being redirecting to the Facebook page itself. This feature offered by Facebook saves time and is a great way to share the videos you like. Please feel free to comment and let us know if you liked the article or if you have any suggestions for us, which may also help the other readers.

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