Best Tech Gadget Gifts for Men and Women

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In the technology ridden world that we reside in, gadgets make one of the best gifts that can be exchanged with a friend. Be it a male or a female, all our friends are dependent on technology and gadgets in some way or the other. And when we gift them with a gadget which helps in easing the hassles of life or provides entertainment to the hectic schedule, it makes them very happy. We will provide you with a list of awesome tech gadgets which you can choose as a gift for your near and dear ones.

So, here are the 6 best tech gadget gifts for both men and women.

Selfie Snap Stick


The Selfie Snap Stick poses to be a savior when it comes to taking group photos along with your friends without being out of the group. It comes with an inbuilt shutter button that allows you to click photos from far without a timer. This tech gadget gift is a good option as it is portable yet long enough to take a perfect group snap.

The World’s First 3D Printing Pen


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When you have a friend or a family member who matches his/her creativity with the love for gadgets, then you have no other option than to choose The World’s First 3D Printing Pen. It allows them to create models of their imaginations with the help of plastic that comes out of the tip and solidifies in seconds.

August Smart Lock

August-Smart-LockA tech gadget that combines security and coolness together is an absolute have. It allows you to use the Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone to control the entry and exit of people from your home or office without the need of any keys, whatsoever.

Helium Levitate


Do you have a music lover friend? Do you want an out of the box tech gadget gift for someone who thrives on music? Well, you can try out the Helium Levitate. These cool speakers utilize magnetic powers to create magic by floating and spinning in the thin air without the aid of noisy fans and has amazing sound quality which will give you an out of the world music experience.

Toymail WIFI Mailman – Fairfax the Fox


Toymail WIFI Mailman – Fairfax the Fox is cuteness redefined. It is one of the cutest looking mail services you will ever come across. It is a voice mail box designed just like a soft toy.

Olympus OM-D E-M5


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This is a perfect tech gadget to gift for all those who love capturing the moments of life. Olympus OM-D E-M5 is a much more sophisticated alternatives of point and shoot camera which has a design that protects the camera from dust and various weather conditions. It provides superb image quality along with multiple shooting options.

We hope to have given you quite an interesting list of tech gadgets, which you can use to pick and choose from while selecting a gift for your friend on their birthday or during some kinds of holiday that come round the years. You can also choose some of these tech gadgets as a gift to self.

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