5 High Tech Gadgets for Couples/Lovers

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Bored by reading the common articles on new smartphones, apps and laptops? We are sure that you might have generated some kind of boar feeling or rather frustration by referring the common tech articles daily. To satisfy your hunger towards cool gadgets, we have come up with these high tech gadgets which are mainly for the lovers.

How many of you think that gadgets can play a vital role in love? According to us gadgets are really helpful in creating a strong bond between two persons. For example – Smartphones and Computers, these are the commonly used electrical gadgets that bring people closer. Apart from these commonly used gadgets, there are few other cool gadgets that may help the couples solve their issues and fall back in their divine love. These love gadgets for couples are:



Using this cool tech gadget we can kiss our partner who is unfortunately miles away from us. This love gadget looks like a pig. The basic concept behind this cool gadget is that, we need to kiss it and our partner who is at a long distance away will be able to feel our kiss. Read more and watch video on Kissenger. This high tech gadget may transfer our kiss physically including little bit of our emotions, but it cannot provide us with the real feel that is actually hidden behind a kiss.

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Pillow Talk


This tech gadget is interesting to know about. Pillow Talk can be included in the list of love gadgets, as it brings the loved ones more and more close. The working principle of this high tech gadget is not that complicated. The idea behind this cool gadget is that we need to wear a ring on our wrist, which will transfer our thought and heartbeat to our partner through the panel contained inside the pillow.

Taion Heart


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Using this gadget, couples can virtually hold hands. Taion Heart transmits our pressure and pulse rate through a mobile phone to our partner. This love gadget glows with different colours which indicate different things or feels. The main drawback of this tech gadget is that it may get heated up, which seems to be harmful.

Hug Shirt


Hug Shirt is something which we need to wear like a tee. This shirt connects to our smartphone and provides us with a virtual hug. This virtual hug includes the warmth, heartbeat and pressure with which our partner hugs. So, this gadget is something that makes us feel close to our partner.

Toast Messenger


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Toast Messenger is a kind of toaster that prints your messages (love messages and more) on toast. So, we can make our partners day by using this simple and cool gadget.

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These high tech gadgets are especially useful for long distance lovers. Many of the above mentioned gadgets are not yet invented due to some reasons, but you can convey your love by using the available gadgets. People who want to love or want to be loved by their partner can buy and use these tech gadgets. At last, we can make use of gadgets (love gadgets) to convey our love.

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