5 Best Gadgets to Help You Quit Smoking

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Smoking is probably one of the most harmful habits that you can develop in your life. It isn’t just harmful, but slowly and painstakingly leads you to death. It also harms everyone around you as the smoke you exhale is passively inhaled by people around you causing them much harm. Apart from the harmful effects, it also makes you smelly and not to mention the odd stains it creates on your finger and teeth.

However, as easy as it seems to catch up on the habit, giving up smoking ain’t a piece of cake. The addiction is a hard one to quit. But to ease the process a bit, technology has offered a lending hand to all those who are willing to take a step forward to quit smoking. We will utilize this article to provide you with some of the best gadgets to help you quit smoking.

The E-Cigarette


What causes maximum harm in case of smoking is the nicotine and tar that enter your body with the inhaled smoke. But with “The E-Cigarette” you no longer need to worry about these factors, it gives you the whole feel of the cigarette; it gives you the feel of a real cigarette without the harmful effect. A placebo for the real thing.

The AcuOne


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This gadget utilizes the advantages of acupuncture to rid you of smoking. The AcuOne is designed just like a cool watch which is to be worn on your wrist. While on it provides silent electric impulses to specific pressure points on your wrist, which will not only help you to quit smoking but also to lose excess weight. Each session lasts for about 2 minutes and you need 8 to 15 sessions daily for effective results.



Wouldn’t you simply love a gadget that will help you to reduce your cigarette intake and lock down your addiction? Well, Nico-stopper does just that. The device is designed just like an MP3 player, but is actually a locker of your cigarettes. It releases the cigarettes at regular intervals and also provides you with self help messages each time you take a cigarette so that you are motivated to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Plug in


This is a public smoking stopper which will allow you to maintain your own blog that will show the number of days you are smoke free, the last day you smoked and will make it public too so that you are further motivated about your conviction.

The QuitKey


The QuitKey is a small machine or gadget that helps you to reduce the daily intake of cigarettes by altering the habit of smoking that you follow. It keeps track of your smoking habit and slowly reduces the time you take to consume each cigarette. This way the overall intake of cigarette reduces finally taking you towards quitting.

We really hope that the above mentioned gadgets are going to help you to quit this horrid habit of smoking. All the best! And share those useful tips that you practice daily to quit smoking and also don’t forget to try these 5 best gadgets that help you quit smoking.

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