Useful and Best Fitness Gadgets

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We all want to be fit and in shape, but actually working it out could be painful and tiresome. What if it was fun to work out? What if we could see the daily results to keep us motivated? It’s all possible now. These best fitness gadgets help to keep track of our workout and make us stay healthy at the same time.

So, here we go with the useful and best fitness gadgets.

SmartMat Yoga Mat


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This is not just a regular yoga mat you use. SmartMat is a mat and a yoga instructor combined together. This fitness gadget; SmartMat couples with an app to let you know whether your alignment is right or not, or whether you have the correct posture via verbal comments.



Fitness is not only maintained by exercising. It also depends on your food habits and the way you eat. HAPIfork fitness gadget helps you to maintain your health every time you eat. With the help of vibrations, it helps you to know when you’re speeding up while eating. It also notifies you about the amount of food you’re consuming and the intervals of food intake.

Tao Exercise Chair


What if you had a stylish chair to adorn your living room that would couple as a gym? Awesome! Isn’t it? Tao Exercise Chair comes with arms that can be pushed and pulled in order to shed calories. The built in sensors record and show the force utilized in every movement and the calories shed per session.

Breadth Monitor


Fitness also includes your hygiene and oral hygiene is of utmost importance. Just keep the Mint of Breadthometer in your mouth and it will detect whether you have tooth decay or gum disease by measuring the amount of humidity and bacterial concentration.

Misfit Swarovski Shine


This fitness gadget infuses style and heath perfectly. The power crystal ensures that the battery never needs to be replaced if adequately exposed to the sun. All you need to do is press a button to see the LED which acts as the fitness tracker.



Trace is not for everyone, but is specifically made for adventure junkies. It is fit to be mounted on boards and bikes and it infuses the data onto the smartphone. It measures the height of the jump, speed and your tricks and also acts as a social media to let you know what fellow users are up to.

Connected Cycle


This paddle is a health gadget cum cycle protector. It not only notifies you about your speed, calorie, route and inclination, but also notifies when someone tries to steal your bike.

Umoro One


This is a normal water bottle with a twist. It holds your favorite post workout drink in a compartment along with a ball which acts as a mixer for the hard to dissolve materials.



Sensoria is a fitness sock which, when worn keeps track of the speed, footing, route etc. acting as a personal trainer and is washable too.


ResMed S+

S+ is a sleep tracker which monitors your chest movement, breathing pattern, environment and more when placed by the bed at night.

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These were the 10 useful and best fitness gadgets, which will surely contribute to your fitness. Let us know the fitness gadgets that you use and at last, stay fit!


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