10 Free Recharge Apps for Android Phones

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Every one of us has a smartphone, which provides us with plenty of features and options to work and entertain ourselves. As a result, many of us don’t use our so called Android Smartphones as normal phones, which is for calling purpose. Instead of calling, today’s youth believes in texting through WhatsApp or any other free message sending app.

How many of you agree with this question that, talking is better than messaging? I am sure, many of you would prefer talking over texting. Now, for those who prefer talking over texting, talktime or balance will not be a problem. Yes! This problem of talktime can be easily solved by using free recharge apps. Here are top 10 free recharge apps for Android phones.

1. mCent


mCent is a widely used free recharge android app all over the world. This app provides its users with a considerable amount of recharge. Firstly, it pays you Rs.10 as a bonus after you sign-up. Secondly, it also provides you with Rs.30 recharge, whenever you refer it to your friend.

mCent not only pays you for referring it to any of your friends, but also pays you for installing apps and for completing surveys and offers. The average amount credited to you will be Rs.15, which is quite interesting. Another interesting feature about mCent is that you need not wait for any minimum amount for transferring the earned amount into your phone’s main balance.

2. Earn Talktime


Another free recharge app for Android phone users. You can earn money or credit money by just performing a few simple actions. These simple and easy actions are: installing apps and referring it to any of your friends.

You may earn Rs.20 for every successful installation of apps through Earn Talktime. For every friend referral you can earn an additional amount of Rs.31 (note: every successful referral that is, Invitation + Installed app).



This android free recharge app is really simple to use and helps you in earning (free talktime) through the installation of apps. Friend referral is yet another option through which you can earn about Rs.10 by inviting your friends to download and install POKKET (Pocket Money App).

4. FreePlus


FreePlus provides you with a free recharge if you install any app or view any ad. This app contains few features similar to other apps like free recharge on installation of apps and few different features like free recharge on viewing the ads. For every installation of the app through FreePlus will fetch you maximum of Rs.20 and Rs.5 for every friend referral.

5. Amulyam


Amulyam is the first Indian company to offer free talktimes through ad-viewing. You can earn maximum of Rs.40 for every app that you install using Amulyam. This is literally the high amount when compared to any other free recharge apps.

6. FreePaisa

This app is new in the market of apps that provide free recharge. The app is developed by a trusted developer and offers free money when the users installs any app using it or refer it to their friends.

7. AppTrials


Out of the box feature of this app is that it provides us with free postpaid bill payments. Another feature that will blow your mind off is that you can earn money by playing games. Yes! This app credits your phones account with money when you play games or watch any video.

8. Mojo – the app


This app has the largest variety of offers through which one can get free talktime. You can directly redeem the free money that you earn through Mojo, or can use them to get Mojo coins. Using these coins you can redeem your amount later for: Flipkart gift cards, Amazon cash cards, Book My Show vouchers and Pay TM recharge coupons.

166 Mojo coins are equal to 10 rupees. You can fetch these coins by referring this app to your friends (50 coins for each referral).

9. Ladooo


Install this free recharge app and start earning as you do through the above mentioned apps.Earn up to Rs.12 for every app that you install using this app and Rs.20 for every friend referral.

10. FreeB


This app consists of few offers which may not be provided by the other free recharge apps. You are provided with different payment options like free Datacard recharge, free postpaid bill payments and DTH recharge. Rs.20 is the amount that you get after referring this app to others.


Get your android phones talktime account recharged for free using these free recharge apps. So, mobile balance is no more a problem in restricting your desire to talk to your friends or loved ones. Those who love to talk more, can try this idea of installing more than one these free recharge apps.

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