Sport Gadgets for Women

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Women are known to be fitness freaks. To make the workout or sports fun for the ladies a number of pretty cool sport gadgets are present, which help in tracking the health as well as keep it stylish for them. We have tried to collect some of the coolest sports gadgets available for women after collecting sport gadgets for men.

So, here we go with the 10 best sport gadgets for women!

Misfit Swarovski Shine


When style meets sports, Misfit Swarovski Shine is born. This sport gadget for women is equipped with the power crystal which helps in absorbing the solar energy to charge up the battery and the easy to use LED helps you to keep track of your health. Stylish and sleek!

Notch Body Tracker

Notch-Body-TrackerCompatible with multiple devices and helps in gathering accurate data like speed, acceleration and force. This sport gadget for women is Bluetooth enabled and is capable of mounting on each limb to check the accuracy of their angles, strechability and more.

Sony W262


Sony W262 is a pair of wireless headset, which is water resistance and has a snug fit. It is perfect for the sports fans as it is stylish and allows no obstacle when used while playing any sport or while working out.

TaylorMade R1


For all the lady golfers out there, here’s a gadget that would be of benefit to your mean swings. TaylorMade R1 is capable of increasing your swings by changing the centre of gravity and increasing the lift to a certain range of angle.

Schiller X1


If you love bikes and water, Schiller X1 is a dream gadget for you. This device mixes the paddle and boat in a never before manner to give you a feel of biking while navigating on water.

Polar Rcx3


Polar Rcx3 is a wrist watch which is capable of tracking multiple sensors. It is a GPS watch which can keep a track of your route, speed and distance covered as well as the improvement you make each time you go out running or biking.

Nike Fuelband


It is a really stylish method of tracking your moves as well as your sleep habits ladies! This cool device is Bluetooth enabled and is available with LE for constant syncing with your iPhone.

Adidas Boost

Adidas-BoostThese are a perfect sport gadget for all the ladies who love to run. Fitted with a midsole made of multiple energy capsules, these snug running shoes helps to preserve adequate amount of energy each time you go for a run so that you race a tad bit longer.



Powerbreather is a new take on the already existing snorkels. Consisting of two valves which bring in and push out air, the device is a must have for water sport lovers. It fits coolly onto your face and helps you to breath under water.

DJI Phantom 2


This action cam mount is capable of flying and take shots with multiple action camera. However, it works best with GoPro. This is a perfect gadget for all the adrenaline junkies who are in love with photography as it takes pretty cool in-flight shots.

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These were the 10 best sport gadgets for women, which can be used by men also. Hope that you enjoy playing your favorite sport using the above mentioned sport gadgets. Let us know if you wish to share any sport gadgets for women below in comments!

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